When someone very dear 
Calls you with the words "Everything's all clear" 
That's what you want to hear,
But you know it might be different in the New Year.


That's why, that's why we hang the lights so high.
Joy, joy, joy, joy,
You loved it as a kid,
and now you need it more than you ever did.
It's because of the dark, we see the beauty in the spark

That's why, that's why the carols make you cry. 
Joy, joy, joy, joy
Joy,  joy, joy
Tinsel on the tree, yes I see
The holly on the door, like before
The candles in the gloom, light the room
The Sally Army band, yes I understand.

So light the winds of fire,
and watch as the flames grow higher. 
We'll gather up our fears
And face down all the coming years
All that they destroy
And in their face we throw our 
Joy, joy, joy, joy

It's why, we hang the lights so high
And gaze at the glow of silver birches in the snow, 
Because of the dark, we see the beauty in the spark
We must be alright, if we could make up Christmas night.