The sunburnt bloody stockman stood
And, in a dismal bloody mood,
Apostrophized his bloody cuddy;
"This bloody nag's no bloody good,
He doesn't earn his bloody food.
A regular bloody brumby."

He jumped up on the bloody horse,
And cantered off, of bloody course!
The roads were bad and bloody muddy;
Said he "Well, spare me bloody days,
The bloody government's bloody ways
Are screamin' bloody funny."

He rode up hill, down bloody dale.
The wind it blew a bloody gale.
The creek was high and bloody floody.
Said he "The horse must bloody swim,
The same for bloody me as him.
It's somethin' bloody sickenin'!

He plunged into the bloody creek,
The bloody horse was bloody weak,
The stockman's face a bloody study!
And though the bloody horse was drowned
The bloody rider reached the ground.
Ejaculating "Bloody, bloody, bloody!"