English Poetry

Viennese Waltz

Whirls and flicks her pearly dress to the music of the waltz

dances merrily to ​capture fleeting moments of euphoria


glides with wings of obsession to touch the apex

taps and turns with gentle moves towards the climax


throbbing heart creates a loud but rhythmic tune

swaying souls gathering closer on the fleckerl cues


sparkling eyes mesmerise her lover by degrees

whisks and twists to tantalise her feelings madly


holds her gently to unleash the pure ardour

entwined fingers transcend impuissant into splendour


Viennese waltz as yin yang magnetises two souls

dance in the moonlight converge them as a whole

May 2017 ©Hifsa Ashraf


In the midst of chrysanthemums
On the other side of blue
Found I you
Waiting like a puddle
After summer rain

I had followed the limping child
Thin through not enough
In the tall grass
Half a day walking
Clutching curiosity

You were sitting wrapped in desperation
Unwashed yet cleansed
Hungry yet full
A blind cobra
Empty of dignity

People passed you by in their oblivion
I looked and saw your flame
Almost extinguished
Barely flickering
Took your hand
In mine

How could I pass you by
How could I............??

© Keith Dodrill



Synaesthesiagrand perspectives

mingle in my mind

                     colours of perception

                     look similar yet apart

jagged ridges of thinking

cut the feet of curiosity

                    faded images of reality

                    jump into conclusion

before the intellect breaks

the threads of judgement

2017 ©Hifsa Ashraf



dream of a garden with vibrant clues

yearn deeply, and passionately grow

kindle every seed with a zealous glow

awaken the soil to conceive the hues

scent of flowers coalesce into breeze

captivate tiny creatures to embrace

nectar, and dust of petals with grace

and melodies of warmth that please

shadowy trees with a majestic view

absorb and exhibit seasons’ mood

of creation that miraculously renew

scenes of nature to finally conclude

exquisite beauty of boundless sights

O lovers! sing for the eternal Knight


© Hifsa Ashraf