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Business English has its own, distinct characteristics. The vocabulary you need depends on the sector, and the culture of the business you are in. 

We will publish articles here that cover most general business situations.

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The Business of Writing for Business



While conducting business certainly involves the language of numbers, it just as much depends on the language of words. Knowing financial formulas, accounting equations and more is important; however, you explain all of this with words. Modern business systems, practices, functions, and more, depend on the good old English language in a host of countries worldwide.

This is just an overview of the main types of business writing you might be confronted with. In the coming months, we'll expand on each in more detail and by the end of the series, you will have a well-rounded view of business writing, which will help you to understand how to approach each task and to further your work in the world of commerce.

Here's our run down of the main types:


What Makes a Good Leader?

by Myron Curry

It goes without saying that good leadership is crucial to any successful business. But, what makes a good leader and how can someone develop himself or herself into a good leader if they are not one to begin with? The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to good leadership. And, whether someone is naturally a good leader or not, anyone can become a good leader.

Performance Related Pay

Performance Related Pay
Published with permission

Performance-related pay is money paid to someone relating to how well he or she works. Car salesmen, insurance salesmen, production line workers, are often paid in this way.

Business Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

With Christmas approaching, people are far more likely to experience holiday stress (a combination of financial pressure to fulfil a shopping list, with the growing awareness of every broken resolution...) than the stereotypical Christmas cheer.

Even an optimist can be broken down during the holiday season, because the bills won't stop piling up (wouldn't it be nice if December was a "free" month?) and the junk mail keeps coming in. All of that junk mail marks the failed attempts of businesses who think that "shopping season" is the best time to try impersonal direct mail marketing strategies.

Basic Definition of Business Ethics

by Angela Wills

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One of the traits I've always prided myself with is having great ethics.

I believe ethics comes down to having a fundamental need for fairness, equality, humility and genuine concern for others.


The Language of Scams

Have you spent some time web surfing this week? If so, have you come across any websites that appear to be easy answers to your financial dreams? In addition, have you checked the junk folder of your particular e-mail account lately? If so, have you noticed that there's a horde of money waiting for you - for doing very little for someone you've never met before?

Use and Misuse Of Subliminal Messages

by Terje Brooks Ellingsen

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What are subliminal messages? A subliminal message is a message displayed for such a short period of time that your mind does not consciously register what it sees or hears. Instead your mind registers it sub-consciously. This means that your conscious mind cannot build and use arguments against the ideas exposed and thus you can be more susceptible to the unconscious idea. We’re talking about mind control from the outside that is working below the threshold of our awareness.

What is National Insurance

(and can I reduce my obligation?)

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Generally, most contractors who enter the UK will have the same set of questions when receiving their first pay cheque, the one question that features prominently is, what is National Insurance (NI) and why do I need to contribute to it?

Spotting and Preventing Professional Suicide

by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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"This job is killing me!" That statement may seem to be an exaggeration, but in looking closely at the work environment, it has become apparent there is a serious malady affecting the productivity of organizations. This malady has been coined 'professional suicide,' by a company which was among the first to become aware of the problem.

Build Your Business English Skills

(and More through Reading Annual Reports)

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It seems multi-tasking is the flash word of the digital age. With a plethora of technology around us, gadgets and gizmos allow us to do many things at once. With hand-held mobile devices we can be listening to music, while text messaging a friend. All the while, we're watching a digital monitor at an airport to catch that flight to wherever we're going.