December's English Joke of the Month

The Poor

A teacher asked her students to write an essay on the topic of "A Poor Family”. One student, who happened to be the richest girl in the entire class, got the lowest mark, her essay went ...

From Naveen

Once there was a very poor family, the husband and the wife were both poor.  They had two child and both of them were also very poor.

All the servants of the house were poor too.  Even their gardener, the driver and security guard were poor.

Their four dogs were so poor that they hadn’t eaten chicken for two days.

They had three Mercedes cars, but they were so poor that they couldn't even have them serviced regularly.

Their house was not repainted for more than a year, and the air conditioning didn't work well either. Even worse, two of the five TV’s were broken.

They were so poor that they couldn’t even go abroad on holiday for over six months!

All in all they were very, very poor.

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