Short Stories

Mr Pope’s Diaries

by Patrick O’Connor

“YOU’LL never guess who I’ve just seen?”

Dave guessed that, by the sound of Nathan’s voice on the phone, he wouldn’t be able to guess.

The Perfect Date

by Patrick O’Connor

“OH my God! Oh my God!”

That was Claire’s usual reaction to most things. Even if someone brought her a cup of coffee she would exclaim loudly: “Oh my God, that’s so nice. Oh my God, thank you.”

An Odd Profession


by Patrick O’Connor


DO you remember that TV game show called What’s My Line?  Panellists had to question contestants in order to determine their occupation. If I’d have been on it, they would never have guessed correctly. Never, never in a million years.

Having a Laugh


by Patrick O’Connor

HE was falling. Not flying, falling. No wings, just outstretched arms desperately seeking something to hold on to.

Below him was a big black hole. He was falling towards it and he was screaming. Screaming so loud that he thought his lungs would burst. But the fall went on and on and there didn’t seem to be an end to it.


A Christmas calamity!

by Patrick O'Connor

Christmas House

DON smiled. Chris Rea's 'Driving Home for Christmas' was playing on the car radio and he was ready, very ready for Christmas.

Just the two of them, Don and his wife Jan, cocooned inside their smart, four bedroomed detached house.

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