Short Stories

On Christmas Eve the Mayor's stately mansion presented a beautiful appearance. There were rows of different coloured wax candles burning in every window, and beyond them one could see the chandeliers of gold and crystal blazing with light. The fiddles were squeaking merrily, and lovely little forms flew past the windows in time to the music.

There were gorgeous carpets laid from the door to the street, and carriages were constantly arriving and fresh guests tripping over them. They were all children. The Mayor was giving a Christmas Masquerade tonight to all the children in the city, the poor as well as the rich. The preparation for this ball had been making an immense sensation for the last three months. Placards had been up in the most conspicuous points in the city, and all the daily newspapers had at least a column devoted to it, headed with "THE MAYOR'S CHRISTMAS MASQUERADE," in very large letters.The Mayor had promised to defray the expenses of all the poor children whose parents were unable to do so, and the bills for their costumes were directed to be sent in to him.

Message To Martha

by Patrick O’Connor

BEEEEEP!! ‘Plonker!!’

Stuart grimaced and waved half heartedly at the passing traffic. He knew he had no choice but to take the abuse.

She Said Yes!

by Patrick O’Connor


THERE, that’s it done, now all I have to do is wait.

Oh no, I’m coming out in a cold sweat, shouldn’t have done it, it’s all going to end in disaster, I can tell, it always does.

 A man had a donkey, who for long years had untiringly carried sacks to the mill, but whose strength was now failing, so that he was becoming less and less able to work. So, his master thought that he would cut back on his food, but the donkey noticed that it was not a good wind that was blowing and ran away.

The donkey set forth on the road to Bremen, where he thought he could become a town musician. When he had gone a little way he found a hunting dog lying in the road, who was panting like one who had run himself tired.


by Patrick O’Connor

PULL you buggers!

That’s what I keep shouting but does it have any effect, does it buggery.