THE social club was packed as usual on a Saturday night. Despite Mansfield's six goal defeat that afternoon Keith and Charlie were in good spirits.

The barmaid Angie asked Keith if they enjoyed The Rolling Stones concert.

"We never got there," he said.

"What! Why not? Those tickets were worth a bomb," she said.

Keith said: "We got sort of sidetracked. Mick got off with this posh bird."

"Mick and posh bird?" she gasped.

"Yeah, difficult to believe ain't it," said Keith.

Angie asked where Mick was.

"Working at the chippie youth," replied Charlie.

"That reminds me, my hubby popped in there at lunchtime."

"And?" said Keith.

"Says there's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis."

© Patrick O’Connor 2009