WHEN the Emperor entered the room, he was the spitting image of Prince and the Mansfield men quickly realised the influence Ozzy Osbourne had on him.

"Ah Mick my man, give me four! Welcome to the ******* planet Loog," said the Emperor. I am so ******* delighted man to meet up The ******* Rolling Stones. Hey man, years of ******* sex, ******* drugs and ******* rock and roll have certainly taken its toll on your ******* looks."

"You can certainly say that again youth," said Charlie quietly.

"But you ******* guys have still managed to maintain your ******* artistic integrity by continually searching for new material. That's ******* great. Tharg tells me you are working on a new album to be called Live On Loog."

Mick shifted on his feet uneasily. "Er, yeah, that's right your Highness. We just need a bit more time to rehearse."

"That's ******* fine man," said the Emperor. "Do you need any assistance?"

"Well, yeah, that would be great. Could I borrow that drone you sent down to collect us, the one called Marianne?" said Mick.

"Of course man, but will the drone be of any ******* use to you," said the Emperor.

"Oh I think so," smiled Mick.