THARG, now looking like Alvin Stardust, was not convinced. "Hmm, interesting this tribal thing of yours."

Keith quickly corrected him, pointing out "it ain't tribal, it's football."

The alien requested a second hearing so the three men huddled together, started swaying and then sang at the top of their voices:

We hate Nottingham Forest

We hate County too

We hate Chesterfield

But Mansfield we love you

Still no response from Tharg so they continued with:

Oooo me lads you should have seen us cumin

Going down to Field Mill

You should have seen us cumin<

They then finished off with The Stags Are Going Up and You're Not Singing Anymore. Mick asked Tharg if that would be enough to impress the "Emperor fellah".

"Oh dear, oh dear," replied Tharg.