THARG told them that he was on a mission on behalf of his Emperor, who should be addressed at all times as His Holiness,The Snoop Bopper.

The mission was to collect, as Tharg put it, "the cream, the exquisite, the elite."

"But why are we here?" asked a very puzzled Mick.

"Come, come, Mick, you are too modest," said Tharg.

Mick wanted to know how Tharg knew his name.

"Come now, you know, Honkey Tonk!" was the reply.

"Oh my God Mick he thinks...." said Keith before an excited Tharg continued: "It's all over now, get off my cloud, oh boys, it's so great to meet The Rolling Stones."

"The Rolling Stones?" said the men.

"Yes, after several attempts, I've at last acquired The Rolling Stones. His Holiness, The Snoop Bopper will be delighted.

"Our drone appropriated you - Mick, Keith and Charlie - ahead of your concert. It reported hat one of the Stones was absent but that is a minor inconvenience."

Mick could hardly believe what he was hearing. "You idiot! We're Mick, Keith and Charlie, we're Mansfield Town fans."

Tharg looked puzzled. "Mansfield Town? No reference in our data about Mansfield Town."

That really annoyed Mick. "What do you mean no data? We won the Freight Rover Trophy at Wembley in 1987."

Charlie suggested that Tharg needed to get an I.T. man in.

The Bay City Roller looked aghast. "Oh no, the drone must have malfunctioned again."

What drone? Asked Keith.

"It's a collecting device replicated in human form. It was programmed to find The Rolling Stones. It was experiencing some technical difficulties but we thought they had been corrected. Oh dear, what will His Holiness, The Snoop Bopper say? He won't be happy, he may even banish me to run a bingo hall on the edge of a black hole."

Despite the situation, Keith couldn't help chuckling.

"Well, Mick it looks as if you've drawn a blank again mate. All the way to London and you cop off with a robot!"