THE moment the trio went into the fresh air they were overwhelmed by a cacophony of sounds and flashing bright lights. All three of them felt swept away by a whirlwind of amazing energy. Then there was nothing.

Mick was the first to regain his awareness. He felt light headed but otherwise okay. He looked around and realised they were lying on the floor of a circular, featureless room.

Slowly Keith and Charlie began to rouse themselves and were equally perplexed.

Suddenly the walls parted to reveal a sliding door through which walked what appeared to be - a Bay City Roller!

A collection of strange sounding noises emitted from its mouth before Mick recognised the words which were being spoken in a rather camp style.

"Ah, that's better, English at last," said the Roller.

"What's going on? Where are we?" said Mick, who although totally bewildered, did not feel threatened.

"Apologies, oh little red roosters, it has taken me some time to get the language co-ordinates correct. Not sure if you will find this one appealing, you gorgeous boys. It was formulated on the basis of some rather strange Earth transmissions. Are you aware of the Earth creatures called Julian Clary and Graham Norton? I found them quite appealing."

Mick, Keith and Charlie stared at him open-mouthed. To say they were gobsmacked would be putting it mildly.

"And then I had to convert to an acceptable humanoid external shell," said the Roller.

Keith asked: "Who the hell are you - what are you?"

The creature said his name was something unpronounceable which none of them could understand and that he was from the planet Loog.

"Can't pronounce that youth - we'll call you Tharg," said Charlie.