"Please, kind sir, let me warm my hands at your fire once more. I am trembling with cold."

Great January nodded, and asked her: "Why have you come here again, and what are you looking for this time?"

"I am looking for red apples."

Frowning, January said, "It is winter now, and I'm sure you know that red apples don't grow in winter".

"Yes, I know," said Marusa sadly; "but my sister and my stepmother enjoyed the strawberries so much they bade me bring them some red apples from the forest. If I don't bring them, I can't go home. Tell me, father, tell me, please, where can I find some."

Great January rose up. He went over to one of the older months - it was September. He handed the club to him and said: "Brother, take the high seat."

September took the high seat upon the stone and swung the club over the fire. The fire began to burn with a red flame, and the snow began to melt. But the trees were not covered with green leaves; the leaves were red and gold, and fell to earth one after the other, and a cold wind drove them to and fro over the yellowing ground.

This time Marusa did not see many flowers. Only red pinks were blooming on the hillside, and meadow saffrons were flowering in the valley. High fern and thick ivy were growing under the young beech-trees. But Marusa was only looking for red apples, and at last she saw an apple-tree with red apples hanging high among its branches.

"Shake the tree at once, Marusa!" commanded September.

Delighted Marusa shook the tree, and one apple fell down. The tree cried, "Shake me again!", so she shook it a second time, and another one fell.

"Now, Marusa, run home quickly!" shouted the tree.

Marusa obeyed at once. She picked up the apples, thanked the apple tree and the 12 months with all her heart, and ran merrily home.

Holena and the stepmother were actually pleased when they saw Marusa this time and they ran to open the door for her, and she gave them the two apples.

"Where did you get them?" asked Holena.

"There are plenty of them in the forest on the high mountain," she replied.