Once there was a girl, she was a good girl, but she was very, very greedy. She would eat anything. She would eat cows, dogs - she would even eat the earth from under your feet.

One day, her parents decided that they had had enough; she was eating them out of house and home.  'Go away', they said. 'You are too greedy. We don't want you anymore.  Go and find yourself a rich husband who can afford to feed you.'

The girl went to see her best friend. 'My parents have told me to go away and find a rich husband. Come with me.' she said.  'OK,' said her best friend, and off they went together.

They walked along the road, out into the forest. At a bend in the road, they met seven dogs, jumping at them and barking, her friend was scared, so the greedy girl, chased them into the jungle and ate them, but when she came back, she could no longer speak. All she could do was bark. Like a dog.

The two girls walked on. They came to a river ; on the other side of the river was a city. They crossed the river and entered the town. The king saw them coming. He looked at the greedy girl and said, "Ah, that is a very beautiful girl. I must marry her." So he did. His Prime Minister married the greedy girl's friend.  The greedy girl was happy, but the king's other wives beat her for being so greedy and she couldn't tell him.

The king was in love with his new wife, but he wished she could speak instead of barking like a dog. He called all the witch-doctors of the kingdom, but none of them could do anything to help. So he decreed that all the women of the kingdom would come one morning to the city square, and there they would pound millet together until the sky shook and the gods answered his prayer. If this did not work, he swore he would kill all his wives, including the greedy girl.

At this, the greedy girl's friend went to find her. "Come with me," she said. They went back down the road that they had arrived on, back over the river and into the jungle, until they came to the bend where the girl had eaten the dogs. "Follow me," said the friend, and they went into the jungle, far into the jungle, until they came to a hut.

An old woman lived in the hut. When the friend explained their predicament, she called the greedy girl over to her and she took a big stick, and told her to offer her back. Then she beat the girl. "Whap" went the stick, and one of the dogs jumped out of the girl's mouth. "Whap" went the stick again, and another dog jumped out. The old woman hit her seven times with the stick, and each time a dog jumped out of her mouth, and after that, she could speak again.

The two girls went back to the city. They arrived just as the women were gathering in the square. "I must be quick", said the greedy girl, and ran to her room. There she put on her most beautiful jewels.

When she emerged from the palace into the square, the sun said "Oh - you are so beautiful! Shall I hide my face?" "Don't be stupid", said the girl. "If you do that, no one will see me. Stay where you are." So the sun stayed.

The earth said "Oh - you are so beautiful. Shall I move away from beneath your feet?" "Don't be stupid," said the girl. "If you do that, I shall not be able to walk down to the king. Stay where you are." So the earth stayed.

The king saw his young wife walking towards him, and he was astounded by her beauty. "Oh," he said, "you are so beautiful. I will make you my first wife." "Hmmm," said the girl. "Where there are many, the one will be envied."  He was so astonished and delighted that she could talk he cried out, "You're right!" and he sent all his other wives' away, and he and the girl lived happily ever after.