Nigel suddenly realised what beautiful blue eyes she had. And was that a twinkle he just spotted? Stimulating conversation with just a hint of mutual attraction, what more could a man ask for.

“Maybe in the heat of the moment, you know, watching that YouTube clip of him smiling that seductive smile, yeah, possibly, maybe when I’m feeling a bit lonely in the early hours, had one too many Grolsch, then maybe then, yeah, Gordon Brown could do it for me. But I’d probably regret it afterwards, feel a bit of a slut.”

Jackpot! Back of the net!

“That was a smile!”

“It was not!!!”

The queue shuffled forward a few more inches.

“Power is only attractive if it is used in the right direction.” She had composed herself now and regained her poise.

“Depends on your political persuasion. How are you going to vote?”

“None of your business,” she glowered.

“Not got the courage of your convictions hey?”

“Yes I have!”

Nigel was now moving in for the kill.

“Let’s play a game.”

“You’re mentally unstable.”

”No, this is serious political debate. I’m guessing you’ve already made up your mind which way I’m going to vote. Am I right?”


“And you’re thinking I’ve already made up my mind which way you’re going to vote.”

Nigel ferreted around in his jacket pocket before bringing out a scruffy piece of paper and a crumpled envelope.

“Write down here where you think my cross is going to go and I’ll put my forecast about you on the envelope.”

“This is silly.”

“Maybe but it’ll pass time whilst we’re waiting to go in.”

“So this game, what does the winner get?”

At last. It had taken several years for it to come to fruition but Nigel almost felt like ringing his father to tell him that four years study and a degree in psychology had finally paid off.  He had fathomed out that to get at this girl, you had to channel all your energies towards her competitive edge.

“If one of us guesses correctly, the winner gets a kiss.”

“Hang on…”

“If one of us guesses incorrectly, we forfeit our right to vote and leave the queue.”

“And if we both guess correctly?” Ah, more evidence of a sharp mind.

“That’s a full blown snog with tongues.”


“Unless you’ve just been for a kebab at Abdul’s round the corner.”


Sarah looked as if she was preparing to vomit but that didn’t deter Nigel from handing her the piece of paper and producing a pen from his pocket.

Seconds later a sturdy policeman stood in front of them with his arm stretched out. Beyond the long arm of the law was the door to the polling station.

Nigel looked around and it dawned on him that they were the only people left in the queue.

“I’m sorry madam, sir, but it’s nearly 10 o'clock and by law we must close the polling station. I am informed we can only allow one more person in. Who was here first?”