Do you Stumble?

I don’t mean  ‘Are your high heels too high?  Or ‘Have you had too much to drink?’  Rather, Have you got Stumble installed on your computer?

I try not to waste time,  or spend hours surfing wastefully, but when I’m feeling frustrated or need cheering up it can give me the lift I need. You will come across some sites that are nonsense  and I tend to get too many recipes for cupcakes, but it is fun. Today I discovered a singing nun, FaceBook pages for Mary and Joseph, a pork chop recipe, and a poetry reading.  There are usually lots of ‘cute cat’ type sites too. By hitting buttons which say ‘I like it’ or ‘I dislike it ‘ the system gradually adjusts to your preferences. I like the serendipity of it i.e. the pleasant unexpectedness of something just popping up  such as a report about the Shroud of Turin.   Of course nonsense crops up, and occasionally  even something unpleasant or incorrect, but we are adults and we can deal with that straightaway, can’t we?  And you can find blogs and sites that you would not access any other way.