Recommended English Films

Films are a great way to improve your English.  Going to the cinema is ok, and hiring DVDs is even better, because then you are in control. 

Watching them alone is okay, but watching them with your friends and then talking about them is even better.

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If you're not sure how to best use films to improve your English, read these tips.

How to use a DVD player to help improve your English


by Patrick O'Connor


YOU may have to search a bit to get a viewing of this delightful low-budget sci-fi offering but it will be well worth it if you succeed.

The film, an Irish-British production, has picked up much praise on the independent film festival circuit and it is easy to see why.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

by Patrick O'Connor


MOST of my cinema excursions take me to the Broadway, a splendid independent venue in the centre of Nottingham.

But as a special Christmas treat, I decided to see The Hobbit at the recently opened IMAX auditorium at the city's Cineworld.

Recommended film - Shadow Dancer

by Patrick O'Connor


WATCHING this superb British thriller set in Belfast in the 1990s when the peace process was gathering pace, one could not help but feel sadness and despair at all the lives lost in the Northern Ireland conflict.

The story revolves around Colette (played to perfection by Andrea Riseborough), an IRA activist who we first encounter travelling on the London Underground carrying a bag which she later discards in suspicious circumstances.


by Patrick O'Connor


HAVING seen the two previous films by highly-rated director Ben Wheatley on television in the last couple of months, I was eagerly looking forward to a trip to the cinema to view his latest offering, Sightseers.

Wheatley has made his mark with black comedies, indeed Down Terrace, a gangster tale set in Brighton and Hit List, a film about hired assassins which morphed into a terrifying witchcraft story, are as dark as the most tasty bar of chocolate.

KEN Loach is a renowned veteran English film director, know for his social realist style and his championing of the underdog.

Many of his films tackle social issues and although he has never had (nor would he probably want to have) a major Hollywood blockbuster, his films have been a constant presence at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival over the years.