The Silence of Ghosts by Jonathan Aycliffe (Corsair)

IF you love a good ghost story, this book is a real treat. It has all the classic ingredients, a spooky house, things which go bump in the night, and a remote isolated setting in the Lake District.

Dominic Lancaster has been badly injured serving in the Navy during the Second World War, having a leg amputated as a result. When the Blitz makes life in London dangerous, his wealthy family send him off to the family summer home in the Lakes, along with his partially deaf young sister Octavia.

There Dominic is cared for by a nurse, Rose, with whom a mutual attraction is quickly struck up. Initially the family home on the shores of Ullswater seems an idyllic setting even though it had been shut up and abandoned for many years but as winter and the dark nights set in, Octavia starts to hear voices. Then Dominic, Octavia and Rose keep coming across a mysterious group of four young children, and the local vicar gets called in to try and establish exactly what is going on.

Author Aycliffe gradually steps up the tension and fright factor in time-honoured fashion as the family's past actions going back many generations are revealed. There are some genuinely scary moments which puts this book definitely in the category of one you shouldn't read too late at night...especially if you are alone!