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Writing Character Analysis Essays

A Character Analysis Essay Means Getting to Know You Better!

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Sometimes in life, we only scratch the surface of things. Maybe a topic we're studying, or a place we're visiting. In addition, we often deal with people on a superficial level, not really getting to know them better. This includes having brief dialog with others, or only seeing outward appearances.

How to Always Remember People’s Names

Have you ever found yourself in the embarrassing position of forgetting someone’s name, right at the most inappropriate time? This is an awkward and common situation, but by following some basic principles you can easily avoid it from ever happening to you again.

Present your own interpretation

In the course of academic study, or as part of a freelance writing job, you may find yourself asked to write a Literary Analysis Essay. In this type of essay, you present your views on a certain novel, short story, poem, or play script. You can even present an analysis of a literary essay that deals with a topic in depth. In essence, a Literary Analysis Essay is you putting forth reasons as to why your observations on a particular work are valid ones.

In a way, a literary analysis essay is akin to an argumentative essay. You want to promote your views, opinions, and ideas on a work. Your goal is to put your best argument forward for your way of understanding the work. You can use elements of other essay types to do this, such as compare and contrast. This is where you may compare the novel, poem, or other work to another author's work. There can be elements of the narrative essay in this type of essay as well.

Take Advantage of Technology

Build Your English Reading Skills and your Digital Library

by Mike Ugilini

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Innovative advances in technology always present new opportunities for engaging in learning activities. When it comes to building your English reading skills you no longer have to limit yourself to print format presentations of your favourite works. Today, you have the luxury of utilizing new tools for learning English and building a digital library.

Writing Definition Essays

You'll Definitely Require a Plethora of Information

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Sometimes, writing essays requires that you describe something exactly. You want to give your readers a complete picture of the subject of your essay. This may be an essay on a certain idea. It may be you writing about a person, place, or thing. It may simply be you describing or stating what a word or term means, and it means you are in effect writing a definition essay.

Word Play

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by Margaret Watson

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Wherever people meet they communicate. Often words are general, ones that everyone can understand, but there are also specialist languages, or jargon that are only used by a particular group or on special occasions.

Writing Effective Cause and Effect Essays

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When it comes to essay writing, you will eventually confront issues where you have to explain why something happens and what impact it has on people, places, and things. These are the causes and effects in our lives. You can convey the information and ideas you want in an organized fashion using a cause and effect essay.

Let's take a closer look at this type of essay: Suppose you investigate something that causes a particular result or results. You now have to write about it in a logical and coherent manner. You want your reading audience to understand fully all aspects of the situation. A cause and effect essay is self-organizing if you follow the chain of events of what you are studying.

Variety Makes Learning English Enjoyable

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by Mike Ugilini

You can get very creative when it comes to learning the English language. Nowadays you don't have to limit yourself to reading dry outdated textbooks to improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills. While a good, up-to-date English grammar book is important, it's more as a support mechanism to help you as you actively learn English through a variety of other means.

What do I call you?

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by Margaret Watson

A recent report in the Telegraph told of the ultra-politically correct plans contained in a leaflet circulated to Members of the European Parliament. The aim is to ban the use of terms such as Mrs, Miss, Frau, Fraulein, Senora, Senorita and Madame, Mademoiselle. Instead females are to be addressed only by their full name.

What can I say?  This is potty, mad, insane, lunatic – just add your own words here. I was recently in a French café. I ordered two drinks. The waitress charged me for two, but only bought one. I had no idea what her name was, so called her back ‘Mademoiselle!’ What else could I have done, shouted "Oi you!"?

The Descriptive Essay

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Dig Deep with Descriptive Essays

If your wish is to describe a particular subject in a compelling and organized manner, then consider the descriptive essay. This form of writing is an effective tool to portray vividly a person, place, thing, idea, or animal to your reading audience. With descriptive essays, you paint a picture with words to bring your topic to life. When done properly, your reader can see the subject of your essay in their mind's eye as clearly as you do.

The Compare/Contrast Essay

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The Compare/Contrast Essay Typically Deals in Two's.

If you look up the definition of the word "essay", you will find a quick insight into this particular form of writing. An old Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary close by tells me that an essay is " a short composition dealing with a single topic and typically personal in approach." That's short, sweet, and to the point.