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Cut Out Your Filler Words

by Gilda Bonanno

Filler words

Filler words include "um," "ah," and words such as "like," "so," and "ok," which are used as a verbal bridge to the next word.

These words just fill in space while you remember or think of something to say next. Rather than being effective bridges, they are roadblocks, distracting the audience and interrupting the flow of your message.

Body Language

Body language

When we communicate with others, we express our thoughts and feelings not only through the words we choose, but also through our tone of voice, facial expression and body language. In fact, many communications experts believe that far more information is communicated non-verbally (without words) than verbally (with words). "Body language" is an important part of non-verbal communication.

The Expository Essay

The Essentials of an Excellent Expository Essay

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In essay writing, you don't always have to give your opinion or try to win someone over to your way of thinking. Sometimes you can just go ahead and expound in an objective and unbiased manner simply to convey useful information to your audience. You do this through writing an Expository Essay.

The purpose of an Expository Essay is to describe or explain a topic to readers, and having facts, lots of facts, is the solid foundation of your essay. With this type of essay, you convey quality information or explain something in detail. You do so without using a persuasive argument approach. In addition, you don't pour forth your deeply held personal opinions. You simply state the facts to inform and educate your readers.

Sports Article Writing

Uncover 5 Simple Ways to Write Sport Articles

Anyone for tennis

by Sean R Mize

Writing sports articles can be rewarding and enjoyable especially for those who are die-hard fans. However, in order to create effective sport articles, you need more than just passion. You also need to follow these simple steps:

The Argumentative Essay is Meant to Convince

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Have you noticed a common element in the kind of discourse you hear on the radio, TV, the Internet, or read in newspapers, books, and magazines? It seems everyone has a strong opinion on something. Have you also noticed that some people present their argument in a strong way, basing their argument on a solid foundation of accurate information? On the other hand, have you noticed that many do not base their arguments on facts and are merely ranting?

The right vocabulary can get you anywhere. Choose your words carefully and you might find yourself writing brilliant poetry, lyrics, essays for your masters degree, moving speeches and thoughtful cards. Choose your words carefully and you could be expressing ideas you were never able to fully express before, or perhaps you will succeed in changing even the most stubborn of minds. Let us explore how best to argue and persuade...

Argument / Persuasion Vocabulary

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Before going on to look at specific techniques for including details to develop your argument, it's important to go over some vocabulary that is essential to argumentation-persuasion. The ancient Greeks, who invented our current system of argumentation-persuasion, identified three key principles for effective arguments: logos, pathos, and ethos.

Active Listening

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Do you ever get frustrated when you realize that the person you've been talking to was not really listening at all?

Do others ever complain that you don't listen?

Don't be too anxious if the answer to either or both questions is "yes".

Although we may not be aware of it, many of us have poor listening skills, and strong listening skills are important for everyone, not only for  second language learners. Good communication is essential to forming good relationships with people of all kinds, from family, friends and neighbours to co-workers, bosses and even government officials!

Writing a Narrative Essay

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Do you have an interesting story to tell? Is there some past event, situation, or personal encounter you wish to share with others? The narrative essay is the perfect vehicle for doing so. With this type of essay, you relate your experiences (or those of another person) in a compelling way that holds your readers' interest.


by Margaret Watson

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I recently moved across to the east of the Pennines. Not only do I now have a garden with figs, plums and a whole host of other goodies, but I am meeting lots of new people. Last week I went into the next village as they have a library there. I saw a mother pushing a pram with a pair of tiny twins. Almost immediately behind her were a set of middle aged ladies, also twins and then across the road a pair of school girl twins followed a few minutes later by more babies. A coincidence of course, but it set me thinking. Not all twins are exactly alike. Often they don’t look exactly the same and they may have very different personalities.


Why Specialization In Language Translation Matters

The demands of today's market require that competent professional translators specialize in specific fields of knowledge to render accurate translations. Just as it is not a good idea to hire a technical writer to write a legal contract, one would not use a technical translator to attempt a literary translation. Both activities have to do with translation, but they involve a completely different skill set.

Speech by the Decade

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Things change over time:  A week or so ago my husband and I watched a number of films shown on television for the first time. They had been made to be shown in foreign countries, mostly commonwealth ones, in the1960’s, often featuring interviewers or presenters from those countries.  Many of them featured the sights of London – such things as London buses and the King’s Road, with all the new fashions of the 1960’s, the idea being that they promoted Britain overseas.