Natural Sales Copywriting

When it comes to writing in order to persuade other people to believe you know what you are writing about, and to persuade them to buy into what you have written, you need to get it right, but you don’t have be perfect when you are starting out, it takes time to develop your own writing style, so when you start out, keep it simple.

Think about when you tell a friend about a fantastic meal you had at a local restaurant. Do you follow a formula to make sure you’ve told them just the right things? No – I bet you don’t: You just let the conversation flow naturally.

Most likely you would start with how delicious the food was, but would you stop there? Probably not.  You might mention that it was a popular, busy place, and how good the service was, and how welcoming and friendly the staff were; from booking your table, to being greeted by the waiting staff, and you might include a story about how family friendly, or romantic the place was, and maybe even go on to tell them about how clean and bright the loos were, or anything else that was memorable and worth mentioning.

When you start writing your own copyright there are many pieces of writing advice out there to follow, but what usually works best when you start out is to write as if you are talking to friends.

Natural Copywriting Is a Conversation

Pretend you’re about to let your friends know about this great product, or service, or program you’re about to write for and think about what you’d say to them. Think about what they might ask you. Think about the reasons why it might not be for them. Then just start writing what comes naturally to you, what flows from your personality.

Readers can sense your energy. It stands out in everything you write. So if you’re writing is stiff and formal then it’s not likely to get as great results as if it flows naturally from your unique personality.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use any kind of format or formula for copywriting. There are certain elements that are proven to work and should be included. However, you should place a strong emphasis on your natural-born talent to communicate – you have that skill already!

Elements of Persuasive Copy

Here are some of the elements that you should consider working on:

  1. Headlines: This is pretty much an essential element of most copywriting
  2. Sub-headlines: Important for breaking up text
  3. Bullet Point & Numbered Lists: Again, break up text and draw the eye
  4. Testimonials - If you know of other people who have used this product or service, get them to write a testimonial
  5. Product / Service Details (number of pages, format, warranty, pricing, etc)

Another tip for writing sales copy is make sure you have covered the W5 + H:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

Like a news reporter you want to give the reader all the information they need. It doesn’t matter how you format it, taking the time to go through your writing and making sure it answers these six questions will help you to put the least barriers between the page and the next action you want your reader to take.

Remember that in the writing process: You don’t write it just once. Good copy is not just created, it evolves. You put up a page and then you wait, you test, you tweak, you change and repeat. If you expect to put up a winning piece of writing in one shot good luck! It is a process and it takes time, patience and attention to detail. Do this and the payoff will be worth the effort.

As mentioned earlier, you have a natural talent for communicating, so don’t be afraid to use it, let your personality shine through and as you write think about how you will enrich the lives of others with the quality information you have to share! If you don’t believe in what you’re writing, don’t expect other people to.