My grandson had a great time over Christmas, being loved, hugged and given lots of presents. He is however only a few months old, so he won’t be able to remember it. Here’s hoping some of his presents last a while, so that he will at least have something to keep as a memento of such a special day.

Sometimes we struggle to remember what we have learnt (or thought we had learnt).  We might remember we had learnt something, but can't recall what it was.  This is especially true in language learning.  

Even the verb "to remember" causes problems:

We often associate a good or bad memory with intelligence, but our memories are more important than whether we can pass an exam or a test.  Good or bad, we make decisions based upon what has gone before: If all the people we remember have been good, we are likely to find it easier to make positive relationships and, unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

A long time ago Dean Martin sang a song called Memories are made of this ‘. It began:-

Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me.

You can't beat the memories you gave-a me.

Take one fresh and tender kiss.

Add one stolen night of bliss.

One girl, one boy,

Some grief, some joy.

Memories are made of this.

Here are some memory idioms, see if you can match the meaning to the idiom:-

  1. Enshrine someone in your heart
  2. If my memory serves me well
  3. Memento mori
  4. In recent memory
  5. Committing to memory
  6. Having a memory like an elephant
  7. Jogging the memory
  8. In memoriam 
  9. A stroll down memory lane
  10. Within living memory
  11. Refresh your memory
  1. In the near past.
  2. Learning by heart, something such as a phone number.
  3. The act of being reminded of something.
  4. Something which happened within this lifetime.
  5. As a memorial, usually to someone who has died.
  6. Reminiscing about something.
  7. Being very good at remembering things.
  8. If I remember correctly (Often said when you want to correct what someone else has said.)
  9. To remember someone in a special and positive way.
  10. An object kept as a reminder of the inevitability of death.
  11. To relearn something once known.

You can find the answers in the English forum (Click on the spoiler button for the answer [...]), but if you didn't get them all correct, don't forget to come back in a week and see how good your memory is.