3 Simple Ways to Start a Great Conversation


by Peter Murphy

Many people worry about how to start a conversation. While other people instinctively know how to start a conversation and it comes almost naturally.


Are you comfortable that you know how to start a conversation? Do you become tongue tied not sure what to say? If you are not then there are many valuable resources available to help you learn the art of conversation.

Here are three simple ways that you can learn how to start a conversation and keep it going.

1. Be confident in yourself.

Consider that the other person has an interest in what it is you have to say. Sometimes people have trouble with conversation because of a lack of confidence in themselves.

The irony is that even if you are only pretending to be confident other people will assume that you are confident. They will then be more responsive to what you say and it becomes easier to engage them in conversation.

2. Think of a compliment.

A great way to start a conversation is by complimenting someone to. For example, you might say, "By the way Susan that was an excellent presentation you gave today."

Tell someone you like his new car, his shoes, his hair or the way he talks and you will have set the scene for a friendly chat.

It is very hard for anyone to resist positive feedback. We all love to hear sincere compliments and we then feel compelled to treat the giver of the compliment favorably.

3. Ask the other person questions about themselves.

There's no better way to start a conversation than ask someone a question about themselves.

Most people love to talk about themselves. If you ask someone a question about themselves you will most likely not have to do any other talking throughout the rest of the conversation.

And most likely that personal will leave the conversation thinking very highly of you because you cared so much about them and their interests.

They will certainly consider that you are a great conversationalist even though you may have said very little.

These three simple tips are all you need to learn how to start a conversation and keep it going. Not only are the above tips helpful in learning how to start a conversation but they will also work in keeping a conversation flowing.

For example, if the conversation seems to come to an end prematurely ask another question or make another compliment.

All you need to do now is get started!



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