Two Vital Points to Remember When Writing a How-To Essay


  • Have you noticed that the title of this article didn't get too complicated or ramble?  It didn't say "There Are Certain Ways of Doing Things And This Applies To Essays As Well, And One Type Of Essay Is A How-To Essay And Today We'll Spend Some Time On What Measures You Might Want To Take To Create This Type Of Essay To Try And Explain To Others How To Do Things So They Will Want To Try To Do These Things Themselves"

    Of course this is exaggerated for effect, but you have to agree it is uninteresting, confusing, and wouldn't make your target readers want to read the rest of your essay. They'd probably be too afraid to, fearing a long-winded treatise of convoluted thoughts that taxes their minds. Get your title right to get your readers reading. Then keep them moving down the page in a logical manner to your conclusion.
  • If you're unsure of all the steps that you need to include in your How-To Essay, double and triple check your facts. You don't want your How-To Essay to get a reputation as a "How-Not To" do something. If your How-To Essay on Baking Sourdough Bread forgets to mention using a sourdough starter or omits mentioning that you must use yeast for a traditional loaf, you will upset your readers. Get the steps right before presenting them to your audience.