News Round Up

BIRTHDAY celebrations for Britain's oldest men who both reached 110 on the same day, although neither knows who is the elder as the exact times of their births is not known.

The Daily Express says that Robert Weighton, from Alton in Hampshire, shares a birthday with Alf Smith, from Perth, who were both born on March 29, 1908.

They recently became pen pals although being 470 miles apart they have never met.

NO more meat pies then.... the Daily Express focuses on a report which states that British men are the fattest in Europe and the third most obese in the world.

The statistics were compiled by health and well-being brand Forza Supplements, using government figures from around the world.

The average weight is13st 3lb - only Americans and the Australians are bigger – with an average height of 5ft 10in.

The 2018 man has a chest of 43in, a waist of 37in, wears size nine shoes and has a collar size of 16in.

Fifty years ago, the average British man was 5ft 7½in, weighed 11st 8lb and had a 38-inch chest and a 34-inch waist. He wore size seven shoes, had a collar size of 14½in.

Forza Supplements managing director Lee Smith said: “It is extraordinary how much Mr Average has changed in the past 50 years.

“He has gone from being what we might consider a bit of wimp these days into a taller, more rugged muscle man, but with a noticeable beer belly.

“These figures clearly show how obesity levels are going up all the time and this is impacting on male life expectancy.”

BEARS could be coming back to English woods for the first in more than a thousand years.

The Daily Mail highlights a £5million project which aims to reintroduce the animals to a seven-acre site on the outskirts of Bristol – complete with a treetop walkway for visitors to look down on them.

The scheme, called Bear Wood, would see Eurasian brown bears – which can grow up to 8ft tall – rearing their cubs exactly as they did in medieval England.

Bristol Zoological Society has already received donations towards the cost of the project, but needs to find an extra £2million.

DOODOOWATCH is the name given by residents of Wimblington in Cambridgeshire for a 'poo-shaming' map in a bid to tackle dog fouling.
The BBC says the scheme allows locals to mark, using a smiley poo emoji, dumping spots on an interactive map.

The reports are then passed on to the local council, or, in some cases, cleaned up by the village's residents.

ROBIN Hood enthusiasts have expressed concerns about plans to build an industrial estate over what is believed to be his grave..

The Daily Express reports that apparently the legendary outlaw met his death after leaving Sherwood Forest to be healed by nuns in Kirklees Priory in West Yorkshire.

The prioress was the mistress of one of Robin’s enemies and slashed open one of his veins under the pretence of bloodletting.

His final resting place became shrouded in mystery after the owners of the nearby Kirklees Estate in refused to allow the public near the memorial for centuries.

But now council bosses have earmarked the unspoilt green belt as an industrial estate.

Robert Bamforth, from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: “Everyone locally believes that is where Robin Hood died and no one has ever challenged that legend.

“The tragedy is this land has not been disturbed for hundreds of years and looks just as it did centuries ago, so who knows what has been preserved.”

Max Rathwell, chairman of Spen Valley Civic Society,added: “The whole plan is tragic. People are enraged. If this crazy idea goes ahead it will devastate the area.”