WELL it looked like he real thing!

According to the Daily Mirror, a stone circle thought to date back thousands of years has turned out to be a replica built in the 1990s.

The article explains that when the circle was discovered at Leochel-Cushnie in Aberdeenshire, archaeologists were excited as recumbent stone circles often date back 3,500-4,500 years and are unique to the north-east of Scotland.

However, a local farmer got in touch to say it was a model.

Neil Ackerman, historic environment record assistant at Aberdeenshire Council, commented: “These types of monument are notoriously difficult to date. For this reason we include any modern replicas of ancient monuments in our records in case they are later misidentified.”



A study has revealed that art-loving young people in Britain are using museums and galleries to combat the stress of modern life.

The Guardian story says that those under 30 are twice as likely to visit a museum or gallery at least once a month specifically to “de-stress” according to new figures analysed by the Art Fund charity.

The charity’s report claims that regularly engaging with museums and galleries contributes to a sense of well-being and that the survey of 2,500 adults showed that under-30s tend to feel much more satisfied than older visitors.



The Guardian also tells us that the National Portrait Gallery in London is to get a new main entrance more than a century after a rich donor insisted it should not point north towards the “filth of Soho and Covent Garden.”

The entrance is part of a £35.5m redevelopment that is intended to make the gallery more welcoming and less crowded.

A crowdfunding appeal to help raise money for the project, the gallery’s biggest redevelopment since its current home opened in 1896, was announced last week.

One of the biggest changes will be the new main entrance, created by converting three windows in the northern facade of the building into doors.



According to the BBC,one of the world's rarest sharks is alive and well, living off the Welsh coast.

Sightings from fishing boats suggest the mysterious angel shark((which only established stronghold was believed to be the Canary Islands) is now present in Welsh waters, although no-one knows exactly where.

“If we lose the angel shark, we lose a really important lineage of evolutionary history that we can't get from any other shark species,” said Joanna Barker, of the Zoological Society of London.

A professor at the University of St Andrews in Scotland has warned that the world's helium supply is on course to run out within a decade unless we recycle more of the inert gas.



The Independent says that David Cole-Hamilton, emeritus professor of chemistry has urged people not to have helium balloons at parties as the gas is needed for MRI scanners and deep sea diving.

He commented: “By having helium balloons at your birthday party you may prevent people from having an MRI scan. We are recycling it from the MRI scanners and most of it from deep sea diving, but we are not recycling from the balloons. In both of those applications it's recycled, however helium is very light so if it gets into the atmosphere it can escape.”



Brexit continues to dominate discussions in the UK and an article in The Independent claims that the owner of a London pizzeria is offering 25 per cent off food for customers who can prove they have written to their MPs to ask for a second referendum.

Oliver Kenny says five workers at Apollo Pizzeria in Stoke Newington are from mainland Europe, adding “If I’m going to have visa [or] paperwork [problems]I would like to know about that as quickly as possible. I’m not anti-Brexit, but I do want Brexit to go away.

“I buy a lot of fresh cheese from Italy that can’t stay in a lorry park in Calais. I’d like to know my supply chain [and] ... I’m unable to plan that at the moment.”

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