FANCY working for the Queen?

The Daily Mirror tells us that Buckingham Palace is seeking a housekeeping assistant.

The job comes with the offer of accommodation but the salary is expected to be only £16,000 and applicants must be willing to travel to the Queen's various homes across the UK.

You will be expected to work Monday to Sunday, five days out of seven.

The advert for the job reads: “This is a career pathway in hospitality that will develop your housekeeping skills and expertise.

“Joining our professional team, you'll upkeep, clean and care for a wide range of interiors and items, ensuring they're presented to their very best.

“Learning from your colleagues, you'll gain the specialist professional skills needed, always aiming for the highest standards. And you’ll take care of guests and work front-of-house to support special events too.”



Two famous fictional British exports, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, are at the centre of 'live' immersive attractions aimed at attracting foreign tourists to the UK, says The Guardian.

A Sherlock-themed interactive game, featuring the actor Benedict Cumberbatch and other cast members of the television show, has opened in west London.

Next month a “escape room” experience based on Doctor Who is to open in Bristol before visiting out across five other English cities.



The toll booths on the Severn bridges, which have been in place since 1966, are being removed, reports the BBC, which means that the two motorway crossings into south Wales will be toll free, having been returned to public ownership.

Collector Deborah Hitchins, who is being made redundant, commented: “The bridge tolls have become a tradition over the past 50 years and paying the toll always feels a little begrudgingly symbolic and gives many a feeling of coming home.

"If you're crossing the bridges, by all means, be happy that you won't have to pay for much longer. But also remember that there won't be anyone to welcome you to Wales anymore."

About 25 million journeys a year are made across the two bridges and the Welsh Government estimates the abolition of the tolls will give a £100m boost to the Welsh economy and a £1,400 annual boost to commuters.



Key changes to the World Pie Eating Championships at Harry's Bar in Wigan, Greater Manchester...chicken will be used as a filling because of fears the traditional meat and potato makes eaters break wind.

The Daily Mirror was told by organiser Tony Callaghan, owner of contest venue Harry’s Bar in “We’re steering things away from red meat this year for health considerations and also to avoid the methane issue.”



An article in The Guardian newspaper explains that the journals of Norwegian Tryggve Gran, who discovered the of the frozen body of British explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott in the Antarctic in 1912, have sold for £150,000.

He was part of the 11-man search party that set off from Cape Evans to find the missing Scott and his team.

Gran’s journal records how he and his team found the bodies of Scott – who he refers to as “The Owner” – and his companions on November 12 1912. They were put up for sale by his son, Herman.

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