DID you know that goats are drawn to humans with happy facial expressions?

The BBC tells us that scientists showed goats pairs of photos of the same person, one of them featuring an angry expression, and the other a happy demeanour and the animals made a beeline for the happy faces.

The results of the tests have been reported in the journal Open Science and scientists reckon

they implies that the ability of animals to perceive human facial cues is not limited to those with a long history of working as human companions, such as dogs and horses.

The study was carried out at the Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Kent and co-author Dr Alan McElligott, said: “The study has important implications for how we interact with livestock and other species, because the abilities of animals to perceive human emotions might be widespread and not just limited to pets.”



It seems that us Brits tend to plump for fridge magnets when choosing a holiday souvenir.

The Daily Mail reports on a survey by the airline Flybe, which questioned 2,000 Britons about breaks of up to three days.

Women were more likely to buy a memento than men, and over 75 per cent bought at least one per trip and decorative fridge magnets were the top choice attracting 26 per cent of us, followed by sweets on 24 per cent.



An article in The Guardian newspaper details some of the entries that have reached the shortlist for the annual prize of The Carbuncle Cup, given by Building Design magazine for the building readers select as their least favourite of the last 12 months.

They include a low-energy home, said to look more like an electricity substation and a “grotesque” city centre hotel extension.

Building Design editor, Thomas Lane, said the competition was meant as a light-hearted exercise but that it also drew attention to examples of “bad architecture” in the UK.

The magazine says the house at 20 Ambleside Avenue in Streatham, south London, meets demanding Passivhaus standards for low-energy designs but looks like an electricity substation.

And the rooftop extension to the Shankly Hotel in Liverpool is described as “grotesque”.



The Daily Express says the Forgone brothers in Hertfordshire, who own rival fish and chip shops, are “battering” it out to be named the UK's best chippy.

Tony has run Captain’s Fish and Chips in Hoddesdon, for 20 years and narrowly missed out on a top-three position in last year’s National Fish and Chip Awards.

Big brother Liberato runs Sidney and Sons Fish and Chips less than a mile away and they are both among the top 20 entrants for the award.

Tony said of Liberato: “If he wins, good luck. The person who really wins in the end is the customer. For Hoddesdon to have two fish and chip shops in the top 20 is brilliant.” 

Liberato added that if Tony landed the title “I’ll say congratulations”.

The winner will be revealed in January.



It's one of the more eccentric of English 'events' but the Daily Mail highlighted the 11th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships which took place at Burnley in Lancashire.

Apparently it's all in aid of charity!

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