INTERESTING list in The Independent of things Brits believe are 'unnecessary' procedures.

These include ‘overly complicated’ internet and phone security measures.

Research by global analytics company FICO involving 2,000 UK adults found that six out of 10 are annoyed by the need for elaborate passwords featuring a mix of numbers, symbols and capital letters.

Around half are sick of having to answer ‘endless’ security questions whenever they call customer service departments.

Forty-three per cent are fed-up with two-step verification and seven in 10 are frustrated by Captcha codes – as they tend to feature illegible words

FICO spokesman Gabriel Hopkins said: “Consumers may be happy their bank is protecting them from fraud, but they’re not happy about the inconvenience this causes.

“More than ever, banks need to figure out how to keep fraud management effective without negatively impacting customer experience.

“This is challenging in an online, on-demand world, but essential if banks are to hold their own against fintechs.”



Lettuces are under threat because of the hot weather in the UK, warns The Independent, with shortages expected to become apparent in shops within the next fortnight.

“The soaring summer temperatures are causing havoc for the UK’s leafy salad growers,”said Dieter Lloyd, spokesman for trade body the British Leafy Salad Growers Association.

When the temperature hits 30C lettuces can’t grow.

“In all of the major growing areas, from Cupar in Fife, through Preston, to Ely in East Anglia and Chichester, Sussex, the hot weather has affected all our growers.”



Buying one particular piece of lettuce brought a surprise for Shevaughan Tolputt, from Carn Brea in Cornwall, reports the BBC.

For when she brought it home from her local Aldi supermarket she found a frog lurking among the leaves.

Shevaughan said: “"I was shocked, but I can also see the funny side of it. I peeled off the outer layers of the lettuce and there it was. Of all the things I was not expecting that."

She picked the frog out and put it in a nearby field.



Praise has been heaped on Daisy, a nine year old cockapoo, which has collected nearly 5,000 pieces of litter in Diglis, Worcestershire over the past eight years.

The Daily Mail reports that the dog has been collecting everything from beer cans, coffee cups and plastic bottles since she was a puppy while out on walks with her owner Judy Owen and has now received a special award.

She sniffs litter out along canal pathways as well as in hedgerows and bushes before carrying it home and has been awarded a mayoral seal to recognise her contribution to the local environment and is the first animal in the city to receive the accolade.

Judy commented: “I wish Daisy understood how special she was and the award just marks what a special little dog she is.

'She started picking up rubbish when she was around one and I think she discovered it by accident.

'One day she just sniffed out a beer can and then it just carried on from there to coffee cup and plastic bottles.

'She holds them in her mouth until we get home and then drops them on to the front garden before I have to secretly put them in the recycling bin.”



The Daily Express tells us that swarms of nightmarish jellyfish are descending on the UK's most popular beaches.

Dr Peter Richardson, head of ocean recovery at the Marine Conservation Society, said: "Our national survey suggests significant recent rises in the numbers of some jellyfish species in UK seas, most notably the barrel jellyfish.

"The million-dollar question is why this is happening? At the moment we just don't know.”

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