DOODOOWATCH is the name given by residents of Wimblington in Cambridgeshire for a 'poo-shaming' map in a bid to tackle dog fouling.
The BBC says the scheme allows locals to mark, using a smiley poo emoji, dumping spots on an interactive map.

The reports are then passed on to the local council, or, in some cases, cleaned up by the village's residents.

The Daily Express tells us about an interesting discovery on the beaches at Redcar in North Yorkshire where the recent bad weather and heavy tides removed vast swathes of sand revealing a petrified forest which lay beneath.

The first written account of the submerged forest at Redcar dates from 1871, when even preserved red deer antlers and wild boar tusks were found and low tide showed up a forest of birch, oak, beech and sycamore trees. The forest is believed to be at least 7,000 years old.

Transport bosses in the Welsh city of Swansea have come up with a novel initiative to help late-running buses.

The BBC says that the buses will be able to make up time because they have been fixed with trackers which will tell traffic lights to turn green.

Justin Davies, managing director of bus company First Cymru, commented: “We have the ability to know exactly where our vehicles are minute by minute as the day progresses.

“If a bus is running a little bit late, the traffic lights will change to favour the bus to enable its journey to be slightly speeded up and catch up the time.

"Where the bus is running normally the traffic light sequence will be absolutely as it is.”

According to the Daily Mail, a poll carried out by the Church of England crowned Princess Diana as the nation's ideal mother.

The poll of 2,015 British adults put the Princess ahead of the Queen, Mother Theresa, the Virgin Mary, Michelle Obama, Mary Poppins and the Duchess of Cambridge all tied for fifth place.

The leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson, are among dozens of men, including actors, comedians and trade union leaders, who have signed a letter calling for one of Britain's earliest feminists Mary Wollstonecraft to be memorialised.

An article in The Guardian newspaper says they argue that she was the “first to call for gender equality, over 250 years ago”.

They add that Wollstonecraft, who has been described as Britain’s first feminist, challenged philosophers and politicians at the time when she set out a vision of equality in a book.

“Mary Wollstonecraft was neither privileged nor formally educated, but she achieved greatness and became a leader of ideas in her own time. She remains so in ours.”

The Daily Express put the spotlight on 16 year old Brandon Marshall, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk who at 7ft 4inches is believed to be the tallest teenager in the world.

Brandon, who doctors say is still growing, has now been picked for the Welsh national basketball team.

Brandon trains three times a week with national league team Bury Bulldogs, and has now been selected for Wales because his mother is Welsh.

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