NEW coins are on the way in the UK and they will feature some of Beatrix Potter's favourite fictional characters, reports the BBC.

The four 50p coins will feature Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tittlemouse and Flopsy Bunny and will enter general circulation for a limited time later this year.

They will be added to the Beatrix Potter collection, launched in 2016 to commemorate 150 years since her birth.

Anne Jessop, acting CEO at the Royal Mint, said: “This year we are delighted to present another group of Beatrix's characters, giving them a new lease of life on our specially-designed coloured commemorative coins.”

The National Army Museum in London is to feature a revolver captured by Lawrence of Arabia from a Turkish officer during the First World War desert campaign.

An article in The Guardian says the revolver will be accompanied by a battered luggage label explaining its provenance.

TE Lawrence took the US-made Smith & Wesson from Ashraf Bey, whose name is inscribed in Arabic on the gun, when he was captured in 1916.

He later gave the gun to Captain Lionel Gray, a cipher officer in Middle East intelligence and an avid collector of souvenirs of the desert campaign, whose family have now donated it to the museum along with his archive.

 The first Vincent van Gogh exhibition since 1947 is to be staged by the Tate Gallery, says The Guardian. It will explore the artist through his relationship with Britain.

Van Gogh lodged in a room in Lambeth, south London, when he was in his early 20s and fell in love with the capital.

The Tate Britain exhibition will tell the story of the young Van Gogh, a trainee art dealer, and the ways in which London prompted him to explore new avenues of life, art and love.

Alex Farquharson, the director of Tate Britain, said: “His stay in Britain changed his vision of the world and himself, encouraging him to become an artist. This is an exciting opportunity for us to reveal the impact Britain had on Van Gogh as well as the enormous influence he had on British artists.

The exhibition will run from March 27 until August 11 2019.

 The Daily Mirror tells us that elderly residents at the Fairmile Grange care home in Christchurch, Dorset have been entertained by pole dancers!

Around 30 pensioners, both male and female, were entertained in the communal dining room of the care home.

Personal trainer Katie Henry, who runs Poole-based Pole Dance Factory, commented: “I think it must have been the first time our dancers had performed to people of that age who weren't their grandparents.

“We performed to old classics like Abba and Singing in the Rain and the residents seemed to enjoy themselves as they clapped at the end.”

You never know what that old piece of junk could be worth: According to The Independent, a broken teapot bought for £15 has sold at auction for £575,000, after it was discovered to be one of the first ever made in America.

The paper says that the teapot, which had a broken handle and was without a lid, was bought by

a private collector from the south-west of England at a general auction in the Midlands in 2016.

He took it to an expert who identified the vessel’s distinctive blue and white palm tree design as the work of Staffordshire potter John Bartlam.

Bartlam became the first known manufacturer of American porcelain and is believed that it is the earliest American-manufactured teapot

Now a London dealer bidding on behalf of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, ,bought the teapot for £575,000.

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