THREE cheers for 34 year old Mark Beaumont, from Perthshire, who has broken the world record for cycling around the world in 79 days – 44 days shorter than the previous record.

He arrived at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris one day ahead of schedule after cycling 18,000 miles and an average of 240 miles per day, reports The Independent.

The Guardian tells us that a 'masterpiece' by the artist Francis Bacon is to go on sale at Christie's in London.

His Study of Red Pope 1962.2nd Version 1971 shows the pope’s body is a spiralling heap of sausages wrapped in white and pink robes.

The painting was first exhibited in Paris in 1971, six months after Bacon finished it, and was shown in Düsseldorf the following year. Since then it has been locked away by a private collector, who never lent it or showed it.

Jussi Pylkkänen, the president of Christie’s said: “We’re talking about £60m. That’s actually quite a bit less than Bacon’s record of £89.3m for Three Studies of Lucian Freud, so the estimate may be exceeded if bidders get excited enough by the painting’s intense combination of aesthetic and human drama.”

You never know what treasures you might find in your house!  According to The Guardian, a collection of beautiful cinema posters dating from the 1930s and 40s that were used as a makeshift carpet underlay have sold at auction for £72,000.

Apparently builders renovating a house in Penarth near Cardiff had found the posters for films starring Hollywood greats such as Laurence Olivier, Boris Karloff, Vivien Leigh and John Wayne.

Auctioneer Ben Rogers Jones said: “We had a lot of interest and all the posters sold, mostly to the US. The market for memorabilia and cinema history is huge now. It wasn’t just the sheer volume of them that was impressive, but the condition was fantastic considering their age.”

A fresh perspective on Neolithic stone houses, stone circles and burial monuments on Orkney has been reported in The Independent.

A new study has led experts to reveal a new purpose to the prehistoric communities’ use of some of these sites – partying.

Professor Alex Bayliss, head of scientific dating at Historic England, said the the stone circle sites had become “a place where they came back to bury their dead, have summer and winter solstice festivals, and meet a partner. It’s not a village – it’s a gathering place.”

The Sun reports that Britain's biggest family has just welcomed baby number 20!

Sue and Noel Radford, from Morecambe in Lancashire, had their first child in 1989 with Sue getting pregnant when she was only 14. They got married four years later and the babies have continued to arrive.

Noel said: “We set out to maybe have three children but enjoyed having the kids around so just carried on. We’re addicted to having all these kids. We just love it.”

The family do not claim benefits and keep finances afloat through a successful family-owned bakery.

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