The Daily Express tell us that the powerboat in which Sir Malcolm Campbell set the world water speed record is to return to action.

In recent years it has undergone extensive restoration and its owner Karl Foulkes Halbard is planning a run on Bewl Water Reservoir in Kent later this month.

“We have rebuilt the engine and electrics and the Bewl Water date will be a test of those systems.

"As the largest stretch of open water in the South East and being so close to our base in Sussex, Bewl Water is the ideal place for this test run and, all being well, the public will get a great view of Bluebird K3 back in action,” said Karl.

When seven year old Simon Ward lost the cricket ball he was playing with 38 years ago little did he think he would see it again.

But, says the Daily Mail, Simon, now a 45 year old Reverend, has been reunited with the ball.

Simon mislaid the ball in 1979 while playing with it in the garden of the rectory where he lived with his family.

When they moved out, he jokingly asked the new occupants to keep a look out for it never expecting to see it again. But now it has resurfaced in an old neighbour's pond.

Simon said: “The ball is now a shrivelled husk of its former glory. It's not the red shiny ball I fell in love with. But it was charming to discover it.”

It was found by Rosie Bunn - the current rector of the All Saints Church - at the rectory in Belton, Norfolk.

Simon used to live in the rectory when his father was the rector at Belton and Burgh Castle, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.


The Daily Express puts the spotlight on Maurice Kaye (105) and his wife Helen (104) , from Bournemouth in Dorset, who are believed to be Britain's longest married couple – they tied the knot 83 years ago.

Although they have a long married life behind them, apparently the couple can't agree on Brexit!


Greater protection is to be given to a part of the UK coastline which is one of the most important sites for seabirds such as Arctic terns and Atlantic puffins.

The Guardian says that the newly-designated Northumberland marine special protected area (SPA) stretches 12 miles from the coast into the North Sea, covering an area larger than 120,000 football pitches and supports 200,000 seabirds,

Andrew Sells, Natural England chairman, said: “These designations will protect vital feeding areas for seabirds along the English coast, creating safe havens to help the birds thrive for generations to come.”

The Mining Art Gallery being set up in the northern town of Bishop Auckland will feature a collection of paintings by Durham miners and will open on October 21.

The Guardian says that it will be the first museum in the UK dedicated to such art. It will be based in a former bank building on the market place in the town and include works by Norman Cornish, the most famous of the group, who left the pits at the urging of his wife to become a full-time artist.

How about this story in the Liverpool Echo newspaper...a family in Kirkby are putting up their Christmas decorations this month!

Becky Lytollis and her seven-year-old daughter Lilly-May will be decorated their tree and hanging their lights.

Becky told the Echo: “It was Lilly-May’s birthday on September 1 and she always knows that Christmas comes up after it.

“We went to see the lights at Blackpool and when we got home she asked could we put the tree up and I just thought, why not?”

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