The hunt is on for the remains of the Anglo Saxon king Saint Edmund.

According to the Daily Mirror, the 9th century ruler was believed to have been killed by Viking raiders after refusing to denounce his Christianity, and his remains were kept in a shrine, but were later lost during Henry VIII's reign and the desecration of the Benedictine Abbey.

There was some mystery over where his body was buried but now historians believe that his remains are in a small graveyard for monks - now covered by two tennis courts.

The Mirror reports that plans to excavate the dilapidated courts in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, have been backed by heritage officials.

A spokesman for the local council said: “It would be an incredibly important historical discovery if he was found under there.”

One of the last remaining flags from the Battle of Waterloo has been found in a shoe box, says the Daily Express.

They were discovered by military antiques collector Gary Lawrence, from Collier Row, Essex, who bought the collection of items through an online auction and found fragments of the flag.

He is now restoring the flag, which belonged to the Coldstream Guards 15th Light Company, with a team from the V&A museum.

Gary commented said: “It was really fragile, it's a very early flag and was described as fragments so we had no idea how much of the flag there'd be.

“We laid it out on a board - it took three days to put together - and found it was a flag from Waterloo, of which there are virtually none in existence.”

An article in The Guardian tells us that birdwatchers have been flocking to a remote island in the Orkneys to catch a glimpse of a single female American blackbird.

Apparently more than 15 planes have landed on North Ronaldsay and dozens of birdwatchers have arrived by boat, since news spread that the first red-winged blackbird ever spotted in Britain – and indeed in Europe – had landed there.

According to the Daily Express, 12 year old collie dog Jess has saved her owner Barry Gell, from Dunfermline, Fife around 51,000 golf balls over the last 12 years.

He has trained her to pick up his balls – and nobody else's. Barry told the Express: “She has saved me a fortune. Golf balls can be expensive over the course of years, but I haven't bought a single ball for 12 years.”

He added: “The trouble is that I've got more golf balls than I would ever need now.”

There have been local council elections throughout Britain and the Daily Telegraph reports on one unusual outcome in Northumberland where a seat on the county council was decided by a straw draw.

The vote in the South Blyth went to a recount but the result was a tie between the Conservative candidate and the Liberal Democrat.

So they pulled straws, with the Liberal Democrat coming out the winner.

Younger Brits are more likely to be teetotaller than their older counterparts, according to a survey outlined in The Guardian.

More than a quarter of 16- to 24-year-olds do not drink, compared with just over a fifth of the broader adult population.

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