THE Daily Express tells us that an 'astronaut' has been discovered 50 days after plummeting back to Earth!

Major William Wilberforce was a teddy bear which was part of a primary school project and was found by Richard Thompson, ironically a former pupil at the Pocklington Prep School, in a barley field in Raywell, west of Hull.

Richard told the paper: “I spotted the little teddy bear and his parachute as I was about to go over it with the combine.

“When I read the labels and realised he was from my old school, it was quite a surprise."

Major William was blasted into space by pupils as a science educational project. He rose 22 miles above Earth beneath a helium weather balloon, before plummeting back down at an initial acceleration of 32 feet per second once the balloon had burst.

But because of a failure in his GPS tracking system, he lay unnoticed in Mr Thompson's field, which was 16 miles away from the launch site.

Major William lost a leg and had the stuffing knocked out of him during his ordeal but has now been patched up.

Over a thousand new words and phrases have been added to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, reports the Daily Mirror.

They include moobs, which describes unusually prominent breasts on a man; gender-fluid which refers to a person who doesn't identify with a single fixed gender; and Westminster bubble, a term used for an insular community of politicians, journalists, and civil servants, who appear to be out of touch with the experiences of the wider British public.

The update also features some food-related words such as chefdom, which means the overall fact, state, or positioning of becoming a chef and cheeseball which describes someone or something lacking taste, style, or originality; or the breaded and deep fried cheese appetizer.


Sad news in the Daily Mirror informing readers of the death of Tango, Britain's oldest tiger who featured in iconic Esso fuel adverts.

Tango, who was 22, was made famous when he was one of seven tigers who featured in Esso’s ‘put a tiger in your tank’ adverts in the 1990s.

He passed away at Woodside Wildlife Park in Lincolnshire where he has been living since 2014.


A pristine section of Roman road dating back nearly 2,000 years has been discovered during building work in the centre of Rochester in Kent.

The Daily Mail says the find happened after conservationist and developer Mark Lucas and his son Zac bought a unit in Rochester high street.

“We started to clear away layers of debris, grime, dirt and grease until we got to the stonework in a corner of the cellar. And then to our amazement there was more stretching to the other side of the room.”


Motorist Nigel Mills, a keen fan of the hit film Back to the Future, has been caught speeding in his DeLorean car at 88mph.

The Guardian reports that Nigel, who paid £22,000 for the cult car, denied “that he had been attempting to break the space-time continium.”

In the 1985 film, Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) manages to transport himself back to 1955 after hitting 88mph in the machine invented by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

“I wasn’t trying to time travel. It was at 11am on Sunday and the road was completely clear,” said Nigel.

However magistrates in Chelmsford, Essex, threw out the case after the two police officers who clocked him speeding were absent from the court date.


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