An annual poll has revealed that Richard 111 remains the most fascinating figure in the eyes of historians and the public.

The Guardian reports that the BBC History Magazine History Hot 100 puts Richard at number one for the second year running.

This may partly be helped by the discovery of his remains in a council car park in Leicester in 2012.

The Guardian says that this reignited interest in a king whose reputation as a “deformed sadist burns enduringly bright because of Shakespeare.”

His reburial in Leicester Cathedral was broadcast live on TV in March last year.

Robert Attar, BBC History Magazine’s editor, said: “He is someone who fascinates people and is the only king that I know of who has several societies dedicated to him. Richard also divides people like few others.”

There is always the chance of coming across unusual sights when travelling on London's Underground and an article in the Daily Express says that one commuter was surprised to see a fellow traveller take his own armchair onto the Tube.

Eryn Hanlon, who was on the Northern Line going towards Stockwell, said: “The man was already there when I got on so I don't know how long he had been there like that. But he was sat there as if it was the most normal thing in the world.”


The things you leave scattered around your house...the Daily Mail reports that a rare Chinese vase used for decades as a doorstop could fetch £1 million at auction.

When auctioneers were called to a Birmingham property to value its contents they noticed the blue and white case in the hallway.

A spokesman for the auctioneers said: “The current vendor inherited the item from his great aunt Flo in 1978. She was an antiques dealer in her native Cornwall, but despite that, appears to have had no idea as to its true value.

“She used it as a doorstop until it was passed down to her great nephew. He kept it on display as a talking point in his hallway, but after years of passing it each time he entered or left his house he decided to have it valued because he always had an inkling it could be worth something.”

He added: “It’s a quite spell-binding vase, made in China during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the 18th century, the vase was just possibly manufactured by the Imperial kilns for the Emperor’s Summer Palace.”


The BBC tells us that a grass-roofed children's hospital, an abbey, and a "tranquil" motorway services have been honoured by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Among 46 projects named on the 2016 Riba National Awards List are Gloucester Services, Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital and Stanbrook Abbey near York.


It seems that we Brits are spending more and more on keeping our smartphones and tablets charged.

The Daily Express says it costs more than £900 million a year. According to research commissioned by insurance provider, part of the problem is overcharging which happens when users plug in their devices overnight. 


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