It seems that villagers in the sleepy village of Ushaw Moor in County Durham are being kept awake at the noise of mating peacocks!

The Independent says the birds have also been getting on the wrong side of residents by attacking cars and fouling the streets as they roam wild.

It seems that as many as 30 peacocks and peahens have been scratching the paint work on cars with their claws and beaks when they see their reflections.

Now a petition has been organised among the 4,000 people who live in Ushaw Moor to demand that local authorities take action.

A spokeswoman for Durham County Council said: “We have received complaints about noise from peacocks in Ushaw Moor and we are currently investigating to determine whether they create a statutory noise nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.”

Keen angler Ron Hopper, who was suffering from cancer, told his mates on his deathbed that he wanted them to turn his ashes in fish bait!

An article in the Daily Express said that Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale were supposed to go on a trip with their best friend Ron, from Hull, East Yorkshire, but he was given just two weeks to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive liver cancer in December.

The trio went fishing in Thailand last year as a retirement holiday and had booked a return this April.

Apparently Ron said if he couldn't go to Thailand himself then his two friends should take his ashes with them and infuse them with a special bait mix.

While his widow Judith scattered half of his ashes on a beach in Grenada, the two best friends were given responsibility for the other half.

Top marks for navigation to four year old dog Pero, who travelled 240 miles in 12 days to be reunited with his former owners.

The Independent reports that Pero had been sent to work on a farm in Cumbria, but surprised his original owners in Penrhyn-coach, Wales when he turned up on the doorstep of their house.

Shan James said: “He was literally on the doorstep, it's very much a mystery for us how he arrived.

"Some of us believe he walked it and others can't believe he achieved such a task.”

British parents are having to fork out to ensure that their children get on the property ladder.

A BBC item says that the latest data from Legal & General revealed that lending from parents

will amount to £5bn in 2016.

L&G says that means the so-called Bank of Mum and Dad will help to finance 25% of all UK mortgage transactions this year - at an average amount of £17,500.

Talk about a rare coin – the Daily Mail says that a rare 1933 penny, featuring the image of King George V, has sold for a world record auction price of £72,000.

Only a handful of the pennies were made by the Royal Mint in 1933, making it the rarest British coin of the 20th century.

Oops – we Brits love talking about the weather but we were in for a shock on the hottest day of the year this week when the Met Office put out a warning for snow across London and the South East just as the temperature hit 21.5C!

However, as The Independent, reports the weather service quickly retracted the warning blaming a “technical error” for making test warnings appear on their website and apps. 

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