THE return to popularity of vinyl records continues, reports the Daily Mirror.

Sales are set to smash through the three million barrier and have gone up by 62% in the last three months, according to figures released by the BPI (British Phonographic Industry).

Experts predict 3.5 million vinyl records will be sold by the end of the year.


Want to know what Brits call their pets?

Well the Daily Mail tells us that a new survey carried out by a pet insurance company revealed that Alfie has topped the list.

Coming second is Belle, followed by Charlie. Researchers also found that 805 animals were named after foods, 567 named after musicians and 704 named after popular TV and film franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.


An historical venue in Second World War history is shortly to be opened to the public, says the Daily Mirror.

Down Street in Mayfair is a disused Tube station where Winston Churchill secretly took refuge during the Blitz.

It had a short life as an underground station from 1907 to 1932 but acted as a bomb-proof bunker for the prime minister during the war.

The station is one of several sites where London Transport Museum will run guided tours.


You meanies!

The Daily Telegraph says that the parish council at Little Stoke near Bristol has become the first in the world to charge runners to use one of its parks for a weekend fun run.

Apparently around 300 adults and children regularly take part in two free timed runs organised by non-profit organisation parkrun UK.

But the council said it was “unfair” to expect 'non-running residents' to pay for path maintenance.

They want to charge £1 per runner to help maintain the paths and counteract the increased wear caused by so many people.


It looks as if we Brits are becoming a nation of coffee drinkers instead of what used to be our favourite drink, a cup of tea, especially outside the home.

Researchers NPD say that we are now drinking almost two and a half cups of coffee for every one of tea – 2.1billion versus 874million annually.

Their report, says the Daily Mail, reckons that the expansion of chains such as Starbucks and Costa has led to the rise of caffeine. Tea consumption, meanwhile, has fallen 19 per cent since 2010.


The Daily Express welcomes the arrival of Palmerston, a black and white cat which has become the Foreign Office's latest recruit in Whitehall, London.

The cat, named after Viscount Palmerston, who twice served as Prime Minister and was foreign secretary in the 1800s, is to be 'chief mouser'.

He arrived from Battersea Dogs and Cat Home and already has his own official Twitter account.


Seventy year old milkman Bryon Willey, from King's Stanley, in Gloucestershire, has delivered his last pint after never missing a day of his round for 57 years.

The Daily Express says that Bryon started his one-man business at the age of 13 and it is the only job he has ever done.

He commented: “I have always enjoyed the job. Over the years customers have felt like friends, it's been great to meet so many people. I have watched many of them grow up, delivering to them as small children and then later on seeing them grow up with children of their own whilst still being their milkman. Some of them even ended up working for me delivering the milk.”


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