BOO, seems that a school in Lancashire has banned birthday cakes!

The Guardian tells us that it is because teachers do not have time to check whether they are suitable for pupils with allergies.

In a letter to parents, Karen McCarter, the head at Norbreck primary academy in Blackpool, explained: “I appreciate that this is sad, but in our modern society, in which we are held accountable, we cannot take the risk. As we are not able to account for the ingredients, we could unknowingly give a product to a child which they are allergic to. Even if we had a list of ingredients, in a busy school day it is too much to expect teachers to read it and decide who can and cannot eat the product.”

Apparently 10 of the school's 600 plus pupils have allergies.


An insight into Britain's shopping habits is revealed in a new survey highlighted by the Daily Mirror.

The report, by YouGov BrandIndex, showed that German cost price supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl fill the two top spots on their list of the UK’s top brands for the second year running.

Also on the subject of shopping, the Daily Mail says it looks like nearly £27 million worth of plastic bags have been stolen in England since the government introduced the 5p levy last year.


A survey by revealed that half of English shoppers have admitted to stealing an average of three bags a month at the self-checkouts, meaning some 533 million bags have been taken since October.


What do you give the family who have everything? The Daily Mail reports that an official list published by the Royal household said that gifts they received from heads of states and members of the public last year included a bag of salt, a marzipan Brandenburg Gate, Weetabix, pickled garlic – and a sprinkling of fairy dust.

When Prince Charles returned from an official tour to New Zealand and Australia his goodie bag included gifts for his grandchildren including a pair of bootees, a woolly hat and a blanket for Princess Charlotte, as well as woollen poncho from the Speaker of the New Zealand parliament.

He was also given a woollen tank top and a pair of boxer shorts for Prince George.


Now here's an idea which may not go down well with everyone. The Daily Express claims that a 39 year old Newcastle man wants to ban the sale of popcorn in all cinemas!

Mike Shotton reckons the noise of film-goers eating the snack ruins his enjoyment of movies.

Now Mike has started a petition calling on cinema chains to stop selling popcorn and he even wants the government to bring in a blanket ban.


It seems we're becoming a country plagued by potholes in our roads. The Daily Mirror says that a report by motoring organisation the RAC shows that callouts to motorists whose vehicles have been damaged by potholes have soared by almost a quarter in a year,.

There were more than 25,000 incidents last year involving damaged suspensions, wheels and shock absorbers.

An RAC spokesman said: “Potholes can wreak havoc with vehicles and are therefore understandably hated by motorists.

“It is very worrying that our patrols have dealt with more pothole-related breakdowns in 2015 than they did the year before because we did not experience a particularly cold winter in either year.”

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