THE Daily Mirror pays tribute to guide dog Tillie which, it is claimed, saved her family from a house fire.

The Golden Labrador retriever has received the 'Beyond the Call' national award at the Guide Dogs Annual Awards.


Tillie became agitated when she noticed the fire while the family were upstairs in their home in Blackpool getting ready for bed.

The dog was so quick to react that she started to alert everyone even before the fire alarm sounded.

Owner Nicky Askew said: “Tillie woke my children up by whimpering and shaking. We went downstairs so that I could take her outside and that’s when we saw the flames in the dining room.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Tillie was trying to get us out of the house that night, she knew something was wrong and wouldn’t rest until my family and I were safe. I feel so proud and lucky to have her.”.


How about this for a piece of history...according to the Daily Mail, a flag flown at the Battle of Trafalgar and said to be worth £250,000, has been unearthed .

The 14ft by 7ft flag, is peppered with holes from musket balls and splinter fragments and is one of just three from the famous 1805 battle known to exist today.

It flew from the tallest mast on HMS Leviathan. After the battle, the Union Jack was taken down and kept by Leviathan's commander, Captain Sir William Bayntun.

A spokesman for Norfolk-based Holt's Auctioneers said: “A great deal of research coupled with the opinion of independent specialists indicates that we have a genuine Trafalgar Union Flag. That makes it terribly rare. The navy stopped flying Union Jacks from the jackstaff on the bow about 50 years before Trafalgar but Nelson ordered the ships to fly from the foremast during the battle to aid instant recognition and avoid friendly fire.”


And according to the Daily Express, the discovery of hundred of Viking coins, arm rings and silver ingots by a metal detectorist in a field in Watlington, Oxfordshire, could be one of the most significant for centuries.

The haul included 186 coins, seven items of jewellery and 15 ingots, estimated to have been buried around the end of the 870s, the time of the Last Kingdom, when the Anglo-Saxon realms of Mercia and Wessex were fighting the threat of the Great Heathen Army, a conflict which led to the unification of England. Historians believe the loot was buried in the course of those events.


The Guardian reveals that there are plans to erect London's tallest skyscraper.

Architect Eric Parry is the man behind the building which will rise 309.6m in the heart of the city's financial district between the Cheesegrater and the Gherkin.


Finally, a London park was swamped by Santas...all in a good cause. The Daily Express explained that 4,000 Santas, some with matching red-robed dogs, took part in the 'Do It For Charity Text Santa Run' around Victoria Park in east London.

The 5k and 10k events raised cash for hundreds of charities, including the Alzheimer’s Society.


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