News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor

THE Independent carries a story claiming that the managers of the centuries-old Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons near Stroud in Gloucestershire are considering daubing reflective paint on the 500 cattle grazing there to make them glow in the beam of approaching headlights!

The article says that motorists would see not a whole cow, but just an “alien glow” where the paint was which would persuade them to slow down and avoid hitting the animal.

They are trying to reduce a death toll which has seen seven cattle killed this summer on the 40mph roads while criss-crossing the 1,000-acre expanse.

There were zombies galore on the streets of London, reports the Daily Star. It seems that hundreds of the 'creatures' turned out to celebrate World Zombie Day.

Included in the horror fans in Leicester Square were zombie clowns, a gruesome pair of newlyweds and even a reanimated Smurf.

It seems that as well as a lifelong love of corgis, the Queen also adores the Labrador.

The Daily Mail comments on a new book by TV adventurer Ben Fogle which looks at the monarch's favourite breeds of dog.

In his book ‘Labrador: The Story of the World’s Favourite Dog’, Fogle declares: “She keeps them very secret.

“The corgis are the dogs that she is happy to show off, but she has a huge kennel of Labradors. They are one part of her life she likes to keep private.”

Bitter blow for the lovers of bridge. The Daily Express tells us that the English Bridge Union has lost a High Court battle to have the card game recognised as a sport.

Mr Justice Dove ruled that the game could not claim to be a sport because it does not involve “physical activity”and backed governing body Sport England’s refusal to accept the English Bridge Union’s recognition demands.

Worrying tale in the Daily Mail that the Bewick swan, which traditionally heralds the beginning of winter, has made its earliest-ever arrival in Britain.

The Mail says that the first swan, migrating 2,500 miles from Siberia, touched down at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

It has flown in a week earlier than the first arrivals in 2010, a year which saw large parts of Britain covered by heavy snowfall.

The Daily Express says Sheridan Parsons, who lives in Royal Wootton Basset in Wiltshire, is putting up her collection of 172 Teasmades up for sale.

Apparently it's the world's biggest collection of the bedside automatic tea-makers.

Sheridan has been collected them for over 15 years and has been keeping them in a spare room at her home.

But now an impending house move means that she will no longer have space for them although she is planning to keep six of her rarer, pre-1950s models.

Sheridan, 54, said: “I picked up most of them from car boot sales or on eBay. The most I have paid was £110 for a 1936 Goblin.”

Her oldest model is a 1932 Absolom and they range in value from £25 to £200.

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