News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor


A Daily Mail article says that a rare copy of the first ever Beano comic published almost 80 years ago has sold for a world record £17,300.

It cost two pence when it was first published on July 30, 1938, and featured the first ever examples of some of its most iconic characters including the ostrich Big Eggo and Lord Snooty and His Pals.

Partaking of a glass of 'real beer' is growing in the UK, the Daily Mail tells us.

A study by the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) shows that more than 200 new breweries have opened in the past year, taking the total to its highest level since the 1930s.

It means that the country now has more than 1,400 breweries, leading to 11,000 different ales on offer to drinkers.

Roger Protz, editor of the Good Beer Guide commented: “Britain now has more breweries per head than any other country and the range of beers on offer is the best in the world, ranging from the palest golden ale to the darkest, pitch-black stout.”

Talk about sticking to the task ahead of you...according to the Daily Express, fitness enthusiast Glenn Davies (51) had a heart attack during a 5k fun run but kept going at walking pace to get across the finish line.

Apparently Glenn thought he had just overdone things when he felt sudden chest pains but his wife Samantha insisted on taking him to hospital where blood tests showed his condition was so serious he needed stent surgery to repair his arteries.

Glenn said: “I slowed down to a walk but I was determined to finish. I didn't ever think it could be a heart attack because I associated heart attacks with clutching your chest and falling over in pain. If my wife hadn't encouraged me to go to hospital, I'm not sure I ever would have.”

Here's a wedding with a difference. The Daily Star reports that Paul Freakley and Janet Still, from Rugby, Warwickshire, had a guest list which included snakes, meerkats and tarantula spiders. There were also foxes and scorpions at the reception.

Paul commented: “It’s just something a bit different. Sometimes, it can be a bit dull waiting for the speeches so we thought this would solve that problem really well.”

He added “It's a really good way for people to get to know each other and enjoy the day.”

Interesting insight into the cost of housing in the UK as a Daily Express article revealed that the average price of a house is now nearly £300,000.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that prices rose £5,000 in July, the biggest monthly average increase in a year.

Estate agent Adrian Gill said: “On a monthly basis, growth is starting to regroup. Buyer morale is very high all across the country.”

Not sure what this says about family life but a Guardian story says that latest research indicares that

under-fives are watching more TV than ever as the number of pre-school children using tablets and computers surges.

The amount of time they spend watching TV has increased from 2.4 to 2.6 hours per day over the past year.

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