MECHANICS at a garage in Poole Keynes in the Cotswolds reckon squirrels are the reason a Honda Civic car wouldn't go above 40mph.

For, says the Daily Mail, when the car's owner took it in, the garage found a hoard of nuts under the bonnet.

It seemed the animal helped itself to food left out for the birds in the garden of a Gloucestershire property before crawling inside the engine of the car and hiding them in the air filter.

Garage owner David Evans said:

"It was rammed solid with nuts. I've been doing this job for 18 years and I've never seen anything like it. I couldn't believe it”.

They had to spend an hour sucking the nuts out of the air filter with a vacuum cleaner and collected enough to fill half a supermarket carrier bag.


Slug alert in the Daily Mirror. The paper reports that British gardeners are facing an invasion of Spanish slugs because of the relatively mild winter.

Dr Ian Bedford, head of entomology at the John Innes Centre said: “They usually survive the winter in our gardens as eggs. Without a cold snap, it’s fair to say that slug numbers, especially the invading Spanish slug which can lay up to 400 eggs, will escalate this year.

“So don’t be surprised either if you spot gardeners out at night, head-torches and all, tracking down slugs in their gardens.”

The Spanish slug reproduces at twice the rate of its British counterpart and can grow up to six inches long.


Going for a Big Mac is not something that's going to please governors at a £7,000 a year private school in South Wales, claims the Daily Telegraph.

Apparently, governors at the 400 year old Haberdashers' School in Monmouth fear parents will not send their children to be taught there if there is a McDonald's nearby.

They are appealing against a proposed shopping centre near their Agincourt pre-prep school for three to seven-year-olds whose families pay £2,265 per term.

Governors claim the proposed McDonald's, Costa Coffee, Marston's public house and a Pets at Home store would be 'inappropriate' and would lose the school money and teaching jobs, saying: “We are concerned that such a highly visible and inappropriate sited development in such close proximity to the school would be likely to have the detrimental effect of dissuading potential parents from sending their children to the school.”


Selfie stick gadgets are all the rage at the moment – but not in London's National Gallery, reports the Daily Express.

They say the extendable camera holders in the same category as tripods, which it has previously banned to 'protect paintings' and 'overall visitor experience'.


The Nottinghamshire town of Beeston is gaining a reputation – for extra-marital affairs.

An article in The Independent says the small town is the UK's top spot for infidelity – with a total of 941 affairs reportedly taking place right now.

According to The Official Infidelity Index 2015, 2.54 per cent of the town’s population are currently seeing someone they shouldn't.

Psychologist Lucy Redford is quoted as saying:“There are many reasons people have affairs in small towns like Beeston. Discretion is usually the main priority in extra-marital affairs. If secrecy wasn’t important, the individual would seek a divorce before an affair.

“Often, when passion has left a relationship, but people don’t want to fracture their home status or disrupt a family unit, and they’re not willing to compromise their sex lives, an affair becomes tempting.”


Forty-one year old Leeds woman Maddie Munden certainly likes her bread.

The Daily Mail says she nibbles on up to 90 loaves a week, chewing her way through 50,000 slices of bread every single year in her job as an official toast tester in a local supermarket.

Maddie tastes bread to ensure it is suitable for sale, ranking loaves by their taste, density and smell.

She commented: “Some people can't believe it when I tell them I'm tasting bread on a daily basis, sometimes solidly from 9 to 5, but it's when the baker in me really comes out and, having been in the industry for over 25 years, not much gets past me - only the really great stuff.”


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