ADMIN worker Vicky Worrall, from Runcorn in Cheshire, claims she has found the world's longest Hula Hoop in her lunch-time snack.

It measures almost five inches and was discovered by Vicky when she tucked into a packet of cheese and onion-flavoured Hula Hoops, says the Daily Mail. She now plans to sell it on eBay to raise money for charity.

She said:

“I bought the crisps from the man with the sandwich van, because I'm hopeless at dieting and fancied a treat. I couldn't believe it when I opened the packet and found that whopper.”


Stuck in a job you might not be enjoying? Then why not follow the example of account manager Laura Mellors, from Nottingham, who quit because she found she could make more money filming her guinea pigs.

The Daily Mirror reports that 29 year old Laura got 10 million hits on YouTube by making videos of her pets and the products she makes for them.

What started off as showing short films about the antics of her pets is now a full-time job.

Laura now has 100 videos on her Piggiepigpigs channel and has sold more than 5,000 guinea pig-related products.

She said:

“I was just bored one day so I made a film about my guinea pigs Gus and Hercules. It has just snowballed since. The response has been amazing. 

I'd bought a new cage which gives them different compartments and levels to climb on and I was intrigued to see how they would react to it. I uploaded the video to YouTube and within a few days I was getting really positive feedback and requests for more videos.”


How about this for a job?  19 year old Jordan Willis has clinched a position with a leading paintball company as a human bullet impact tester.

His role, says the Daily Star, is to make sure that the paintballs are not too hard and anything that draws blood, leaves too obvious a mark or does not explode on impact is considered unacceptable.

Jordan said:

“The initial pain lasts for about five seconds, then it stings for maybe ten seconds – and then it's gone. I don't even remember I've been shot.”

Justin Toohig, owner of UK Paintball, said:

“We still can't believe how many applicants we got. Maybe it's a sign of the economy. Or simply because people love paintball.”


What a strange lot we Brits are! Reporting on a survey to mark World Book Day, the Daily Mirror says that we hoard eight billion books but one in five is unread.

The survey reveals that 16 per cent of those quizzed admitted that they have books at home to make themselves look more intelligent.

And one in two people keep books because they are emotionally attached to them.


The Daily Star introduces us to Bleasdale Church of England Primary School near Preston in Lancashire which, with just 13 pupils, is believed to be the UK's smallest school.

There are now only seven girls and six boys on the register after the number of farms in the area dropped from 26 to just six.

Headteacher Ian Cookson, who is also head of another small school, commented:

“When people say small schools are like a big family it can get a bit corny, but actually my two small schools really are - it's a really nice atmosphere.”


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