THE Daily Mirror salutes collie dog Hazel, who warned her owner and walker that a cliff they were sitting on above Great Western beach in Newquay, Cornwall, was about to collapse.

Aimee Jones was on a bench just a yard from the landslide when it happened.

“We were just sat there chatting when Hazel started sniffing a little crack at the top of the cliff. Suddenly she bolted away and both Matt and I got up to see what was happening and that's when the cliff went.

“There was a rumble and a snapping sound and it just fell away. It was just a leg's length away from us. If we'd had stayed where we had been we would have been dragged down.


”A visit to Bristol may not be recommended for committed smokers. For the Daily Mail reports that it has become the first UK city to pilot outdoor smoke-free areas.

Although it is on a voluntary basis, cigarette bans are in place in Millennium Square and Anchor Square after a poll found 61 per cent of local people were in favour of the idea.

The scheme has been been set up by the local government group Smoke-free South West and signs have been erected thanking people for keeping the areas smoke-free, healthy and clean.


The BBC relates news of historical interest – the four surviving original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta have been brought together for the first time in London.

The Magna Carta, which was authorised on 15 June 1215 at Runnymede, is considered one of the first steps towards parliamentary democracy and includes the principle that no one was above the law, including the king.

More than 40,000 people entered a public ballot to see them, with 1,125 getting the chance to see all four at the British Library over three days.


Talk about a lucky penny, what about this story in the Daily Star. Manchester bus driver Sean Lloyd found a 1p coin outside a shop as he was popping to buy a lottery ticket.

He rubbed the coin for a bit of luck – and it paid off for Sean scooped a massive £1.8 million!
He said: “I was on my lunch break at work on Wednesday last week when I decided to get a ticket for the rollover.”


The iconic British brand Bovril is 125 years old and they have unveiled three limited edition, old-fashioned jars to celebrate the anniversary, says the Daily Mail.

Each one has a vintage illustration and old advertising slogans used to sell the 'fluid beef' concocted as a way of feeding soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War. 

Bovril was once used as a flu treatment and seriously considered as a nourishing alternative to alcohol.


Students at a UK university have been offered a 'nap nook' says the Daily Express.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) based its napping centre on a facility at a US university and students can now book themselves a 40-minute slot in the 'nook' to ensure they get prime nap time or can simply turn up when they feel sleepy.

Once inside the room – which is monitored by CCTV and sleeps six people - they are able to make use of bean bags, sofa beds, anti-microbial pillows, eye masks and blackout curtains to ensure a top-quality nap.

Holly Staynor, UEA's welfare, community and diversity officer, said that “busy demands” were leaving students' sleep “squeezed hard”.

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