A heart-warming tale appeared in the Daily Mirror this week, about an unnamed 86-year-old widow who has hired a pub and is footing the £1,000 bill to provide a Christmas lunch for 50 lonely strangers.

The woman, a retired teacher, from Ottery St Mary in Devon has invited anyone in the area who would otherwise be alone over Christmas to join her at the party.

She has booked the Lamb and Flag pub near her home for the meal on December 23 and ordered two bottles of wine for each of the 12 tables.

The pensioner - who wants to remain anonymous said: “Usually I send money to charities at Christmas, but rather than do that this year I thought about something local. Nobody knows it is me - but they might find out on the day.

Town Mayor Glyn Dobson, who is helping her organise the event, added: “It’s a very kind gesture. I think it is because she has been on her own. It is for people who wouldn’t be having a Christmas lunch or spending it alone.”


Judging by a story in the Daily Star, we Brits are a right bunch of moaners.

Research commissioned by the Legal Ombudsman revealed that we whinge most about poor customer service, bad drivers and annoying cold callers, and we also like to moan about weak internet connections, the boss and colleagues’ bad habits.

It seems we grumble at least 11 times every weekday and 16 times over the weekend and indeed we will have already have had three moans before we even leave the house in the morning.

However the research showed that only 20 per cent of people would make an official complaint if the service they received wasn’t good enough.


Know what the latest must Christmas present is? Well, according to the Daily Mirror, it's 'selfie-sticks.'

The sticks allow camera phones to be extended up to a metre away for group shots and panoramic images. The idea took off in Asia is now apparently sweeping the UK.

Entrepreneurs Neil Harvey and Steve Pengelly say they have spotted a gap in the market.

Mr Harvey commented: “We were at a schoolfriend’s wedding in Manila and while we were there we saw hundreds of people attaching their phones to these sticks and taking selfies.”

They have formed their own Plymouth-based company, Selfie Pods, and now produce five versions of the sticks costing upwards of £7.99.


Champagne and gin are now our favoured Christmas drinks. The Daily Mail says that recent research showed that they have overtaken sherry and brandy as the preferred seasonal tipple.

It also seems that we are less likely to make Christmas food like Yorkshire pudding instead ordering take-out curry and pizza.


Motorist David Erasmus wasn't happy when he was sent a ticket for speeding past a primary school – so he decided to contest the case, using a tape measure!

The Daily Telegraph reports that David, from Hendy, near Llanelli, west Wales, was stunned when told he had been photographed travelling at 36mph in a 30 zone. He was adamant that there had been a mistake, so he visited the scene.  Once there he noticed that the white road markings, used to measure speed, seemed short.

Using the tape measure he found the markings were actually around three inches shorter than standard and convinced the court that the shorter lines made it appear he was going faster than he actually was. The case against him was dismissed.

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