ALWAYS nice to see a story with a happy ending and the Daily Mail doesn't disappoint with its tale of four year old Daisy Jewkes, from Brierly Hill in the West Midlands, who was distraught when she lost her favourite teddy bear on the M6 motorway.

'Old Teddy' flew out of the window of her parents' car as they travelled along the motorway near Cannock in Staffordshire.

But after Daisy's mother Nicola emailed the Highways Agency, the bear was eventually tracked down by a road worker and has been returned.


Construction manager David Smith said: “I got the email and asked the guys to look out for the teddy and within days we found him in the central reservation. He was dirty, but after a wash he was perfect again.

“The look on the girl's face was absolutely fantastic when she got him back. We were delighted to help.”


As the owner of two cats, I can confirm that this Daily Express report is correct. The paper said that research for Vetsure Pet Insurance revealed that three-quarters of cat and dog owners regularly talk to their pets.

They asked 3,000 of their customers about their relationship with their animals and for 63 per cent of pet owners aged over 55, their animal is their real 'life companion', valued more than their spouse or close friends. (Note to wife: don't agree with that bit).

Fourteen per cent said they spoke to their pets more often than they spoke to people. What do we talk about? That's my business!


According to the British Sandwich Association, Britain's favourite sandwich filling is chicken and bacon.

A Daily Mail article said that the Association had analysed sandwich-buying data from supermarkets throughout the UK.


The Daily Mirror has put the spotlight on what they suggest could be Britain's weirdest nativity scene.

It seems that an electrical appliance shop in Westcliffe-on-Sea has attempted to recreate the birth of Christ using Henry Hoovers.

The shop's owner Kris Sale asked his son Ashley (16) to set up the display in the shop window and three of the vacuum cleaners – named Charles, George and Edward – are meant to be the three wise men with crowns on top of them.

Two more, a Henry and a Hetty, are Joseph and Mary and there is a knitted ‘baby Henry’ as Jesus.

Kris said: “It’s amazing, kids especially love it. We came up with the idea but I didn’t think Ashley would actually see it through. Then he started getting all the straw and I thought it was best to let him get on with it.”


Crazy 'technology' tale in the Daily Express about Terry Sutton, from Dover in Kent, who phoned the Royal Bank of Scotland to order a replacement debit card and was asked by the operator what name he would like on it.

Mr Sutton gave his name and added 'please' at the end but was astonished to see that when the new card arrived it was printed with the name 'Mr T Sutton PLEASE'.

He commented: “It's ridiculous, but to be honest I almost wet myself laughing. I'm certainly not offended.”


A tiny Welsh town is being hailed as the real 'Tinsel Town' by the Daily Express.

They point out that Cwmbran is the home of one of the biggest tinsel manufacturers in the world.

Festive Productions turns out 150,000 metres of the Christmas decoration every month and the tinsel is sent around the world so people can get their homes looking festive.

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