HOW about this for a whopper! A Daily Mail report tells us that the Humphrey family from Seaham, County Durham, are the proud owners of Oscar, a pet rabbit who weighs more than a stone and is 34 inches long!

Oscar consumes seven packets of brocolli, a punnet of strawberries, a bag of apples, and a box of granola every week as well as treats of digestive biscuits and nuts.


A new survey, reported in The Independent, suggests that Scots are more generous with Christmas gifts than Londoners.

Research carried out by eBay said that Scots each spend around £268 on approximately 15 gifts for 11 people on average, compared to £206 for eight people per Londoner.

The survey also showed that people living in the South West of England will buy 19 gifts each on average - the most in the UK - and spend £241 in total.


The bus service National Express has revealed some of the items left on their coaches and it makes fascinating reading.

According to a story in the Daily Mirror, these include a false leg, a 10 legged crab, a set of mountain bikes, a pair of full-sized feathered American Indian head dresses and a bag containing two lime green 'mankinis' and an oversized 40th birthday badge.

A National Express spokesperson commented: “It's absolutely unbelievable the things people leave on the coaches and on more than one occasion I've been left rubbing my eyes in the lost property room.”


The Daily Mirror introduced its readers to the only Goth football team in Britain. The players of Gothic FC wear eyeliner and mohicans for matches and turn out in front of a legion of black-clad fans.

Manager Pablo Thompson, a restaurant manager from Liverpool, said: “When Gothic FC played their first match half the team were either drunk or hungover. The other half played in big black Doc Marten boots - not football boots!

“We've come a long way since then and it's a real occasion when we all get together to play. The team has raised thousands of pounds for charity."


Good news for Brits who love their sprouts – the Daily Star reckons that they should be cheaper than ever this Christmas.

It appears that the mild weather has helped produce a bumper crop which spells good news for shoppers.

The paper quotes a spokesman for supermarket chain Morrisons as saying: “Normally Christmas sprouts stop growing around November, but due to the rain they have continued to mature, meaning they’re bigger and juicer than ever.”


It's a new one on me but the Daily Mail tells us that MAMMILs – or middle aged men in Lycra – have found their way into the latest edition of the online Oxford Dictionary.

The specific definition of a MAMMIL is 'a middle-aged man who is a very keen road cyclist, typically one who rides an expensive bike and wears the type of clothing associated with professional cyclists'.

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