IT seems that more of us Brits are not ruling out the possibility of an alien invasion!

The Daily Star quotes bookmakers Ladbrokes as saying that the odds have come down from 500-1 to 100-1.

A spokesman for the bookies commented: “When we were approached for the odds of an alien invasion we thought it was a joke.

“But the more we researched the subject, the more convinced we became that we can't rule out the existence of alien life presenting itself on our planet entirely.

“Perhaps people and governments alike should start to put meaningful precautions in place.”


British men are getting less hairy, says the Daily Mail. The newspaper reports that research by retail analysts Mintel shows that record numbers are turning to manscaping, which involves shaving, plucking and even the ‘boyzilian’ – the male version of the painful Brazilian wax.

This applies particularly to young men, aged between 16 and 24. Mintel reckons the trend may have been triggered by elite athletes, such as professional cyclists or swimmers, who remove their body hair to improve their performance.


Don't think it's a flight I would have liked to have been on! A Daily Mirror story says that a plane was delayed for two hours at Edinburgh airport as ground staff waited for glue to dry on its patched-up tail wing.

One of the passengers said: “We were told a hole had developed in part of the tail wing and they were pleased to announce they had put a patch on and were waiting for the glue to dry. Is this acceptable in this day and age? The answer is absolutely not.”

Loganair apologised, but added: “As a provider of public transport services, passenger safety must always be our primary concern.”


Some people have no sense of humour... a report in the Mirror say that the Black Lion pub in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, has been criticised for putting up a sign saying unruly children will be nailed to the tables.

The sign, put up by landlady Nikki Brodin, read: “To avoid accident and injury to your child whilst the little darling is running around this establishment why not hand the little poppet to a member of staff who will be happy to nail it to your table for you!”

She said that the sign was “just a bit of fun” and that children are welcome at the pub.


Strolling around some of London's top tourist spots could become more appealing for non-smokers, says the BBC.

A report by London's Health Commission suggests banning smoking in Trafalgar and Parliament squares as well as the city's parks.

The report, called "Better Health for London", has been put together by former health minister and cancer surgeon Lord Ara Darzi.


Here's a rail 'go slow' with a difference.

The Daily Telegraph reports that construction work on a new railway station in Exeter, Devon, was delayed for a whole month – because of a colony of 25 slow worms.

A team of ecologists relocated the reptiles, along with a common lizard that was also found at the site.

Slow worms are a protected species under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, making it an offence to kill or injure one.

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