A costly tipple – a Daily Express story says the world's most expensive cocktail has gone on sale in London.

The 'Gigi's' is made with a vintage Champagne and an ultra-rare Armagnac that pre-dates the Boer War with the result described as 'liquid gold' and costing £8,888!

It was created for actress Grace Jones at the star-studded opening of Gigi's restaurant in Mayfair. Restaurant manager Cesare Papagna said he wanted to give the film star something 'truly special' to mark the occasion and used two of his most expensive drinks.


The National Library of Scotland is worth visiting if you like old books.

The BBC says they have bought two of the first ever books to be printed in Scotland, the Aberdeen Breviary which contains services and readings used in Scottish churches and was printed in 1509-10. Bound at the back of it is a smaller book, called the Compassio Beate Marie, which has the story of the arrival of St Andrew's relics in Scotland.


How about this for having a bit of fun in your own backyard. The Daily Mail reports that the Betts family in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk, have acquired a 130 foot long waterslide for £50.

Mum Rachel is making the huge flume for her sons Oscar (2) and six-month-old Oakley and once completed, it will snake all the way around their two acre garden. It was bought by her father Paul, who saw it being dismantled at his local leisure centre in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, where it had been used for 20 years.

“I was absolutely shocked when dad said he had bought the waterslide, but I thought it would be brilliant to have in the garden,' said Rachel.

“We're planning to use it as a slide most of the year round, but we may put a paddling pool at the bottom in the summer and use a pump to get water flowing through.”


Have you ever put something away and later forgotten where?

Well, a Daily Express story says that officers at Durham police headquarters in Aykley Heads buried a time capsule somewhere around the premises in the late 1960s when the building was being constructed.

But there are no existing records which show where it was hidden and everyone who worked with the force at the time has now left!

A police spokesperson commented: “We believe the time capsule was buried in the late 1960s when the former headquarters was being constructed.

“It is thought to be somewhere in the fabric of the building or the immediate grounds, but of course there is no-one now serving with the force who would have been around in those times.”

She added: “When demolition starts on the old headquarters sometime in the next few months we expect the capsule to be discovered, and we will be working with the contractors to try and recover it in one piece.”


This week saw an historic moment in the UK – the scrapping of car tax discs after 93 years.

Drivers will still have to pay tax on their vehicles but will no longer have to display a disc on their windscreen, says the Daily Mail.

Police and other agencies now have computers that use a camera to read a registration plate and check it on a database of cars that have tax, insurance and an MOT.


A man called 'RW' is being credited as the first person to suggest the practice of adding service charges to hotel and restaurant bills.

According to the BBC, British Library researcher Rona Levin uncovered the information which claimed that the idea was put forward in 1768 in a letter to The London Magazine or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer.

Signed RW, it said he was fed up with being badgered for tips by the entire staff every time he stopped at an inn.

Ms Levin said: “I was fascinated when I came across this letter because it shows that the issue of tipping or paying a fair wage was debated as much then, all those years ago, as it is today.

"The traveller who wrote the letter was clearly fed up and spent some time thinking how to improve working conditions for staff at inns while providing a better experience for guests.

“Yet most of us will never have stopped to consider how or when the custom of tipping started, let alone whose idea it first was to add tips to bills.”

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